Anacreon Council

he Anacreon Council is the center of power. This is where all decisions for and that affect a Necropolis are made. Some Necropoli have one meeting a month, some once a week, and some daily (depending on the Necropoli’s efficiency and activity). There are two main kinds of council meetings: Routine Council and War Council (discussed below).

Routine Council

An Anacreon that has issues that require the input and vote of the other 7 legions can call this Council. General business is discussed, arguments heard, and Legion level grievances lodged. The Anacreons are allowed to bring either their Overlord or their Chancellor to routine council. When the discussion of the council is military in nature, usually concerning the safety and defense of the Necropolis, most Anacreons will have their Overlord with them. If the meeting is about soul division and the general running of the Necropolis, most Anacreons will have their Chancellor with them. If neither is available then the Anacreon will usually take the next lower rank of the appropriate side (Military or Administrative).

Council begins with the Anacreon who called the council starting the discussion and presentation of the problem. The discussion continues until all votes are cast. As the topic is discussed, the Anacreons may place their paddles on the table casting their vote at anytime during the discussion. An Anacreon is also free to leave the council at any time, but their legion will not be represented in any further vote of that council meeting.

War Council

This council is convened during Maelstroms or major attacks on the Necropolis and both Overlords and Chancellors are allowed in this meeting.

The Meeting Room

The Anacreon Council is normally held in the safest and largest area of the Citadel. The Council Chamber MUST have a round table to show that no legion is above the other and that there is no “head” to the table. Each Anacreon will know their place by their appropriate voting paddles.

The Voting Paddles

The Voting Paddles consist of basically a round disc on a stick. Their ornateness is up to the individual Necropolis (extremely militaristic Necropoli tend to be simple and made of stygian steel where less militaristic tend to be very fancy with ornate carvings and such). Most of them are formed from either relic wood, moliated soul plasm (similar to relic torches), or forged from stygian steel. The paddles on one side are completely black and embossed with the symbol of the legion whose vote it represents. The other is completely white and embossed with the same symbol. Some Necropoli will have the symbol in the opposing color (example: white symbol on black side or vice versa). The paddle rests on its side in a cradle in front of the seat of the corresponding legion’s Anacreon until they are needed to vote. A paddle at rest is never allowed to be placed with either white or black side upwards, unless it is the official vote of the Anacreon and hence the legion. To do so shows a flagrant disregard for the voting process and the Hierarchy in general, as well as being considered taboo by most legions.

The Paddles are held in almost a sense of reverence within most Hierarchy Citadels and only the Anacreon, Acting Anacreon or the Minister (during meeting setup) may touch them. While the paddles have no actual value (other than what the legion puts into it) they are the representation of that legion within the Necropolis, the equivalent of a nation’s flag. The paddles are kept in individual locked areas within the council chamber (similar to a safe deposit box) and typically have a double lock system. The Anacreon & Minister are the only ones that have keys to this box and there are 2 Legionnaires from different legions guarding the doors of the council chambers (in some form of a rotational manner) at all times.

Featured is the Legion of Fate Voting Paddle, which though is present at the Anacreon Council, is rarely used because Fate, by choice, often abstains from voting.

Voting Procedure

The white side of a Voting Paddle represents true, yes, affirmative, agreed, for, innocent or any other term in the positive. The black side of the paddle represents false, no, disagree, against, guilty or any other term in the negative. Members of the council are allowed to discuss the topic or issue as long as they desire. Once an Anacreon feels he has heard enough he takes his paddle off of the cradle and places it to where the color facing upward shows his decision. However, then he must sit quietly for the remainder of the discussion because his choice has been made. An Anacreon must be totally committed to his decision because once his/her vote has been done via the paddle placement on the table, it must stay on the table until all remaining paddles have been placed in voting position (unless the remaining Anacreons choose to abstain). Open discussion is over when all votes have been cast (or abstained from). Once a decision has been reached concerning the issue or topic, the Anacreon may then take the paddle and return it to its cradle until the next vote.