And Finally...

he whole point of this protocol is to create IC rules of behavior. These are not OOC rules. PCs can and are expected to break them. PCs are expected to act how the hell they like and have fun. The rules you see here are the way the game is played, the game being the intrigue, fear, and sneakiness that generally pervades the Underworld. This doesn’t mean you can’t get away with running around and causing trouble, but you must know how to play the game before you can buck the rules.

These rules are here to make sure balance remains in all things. By applying strict codes of behavior, we now have the following situation: It doesn’t matter how strong or weak your character sheet is, what your social station is, or what your legion is… if you decide to mess about you will be brought down. Got an Anacreon who’s throwing his weight around and making your life hell? Make sure he crosses the line and you can bring him down. Got a Lemure whose disrupting everything? Now you can get rid of him without looking like the bad guy. In all things, please remember the golden rule... the players who win are those players who think nastier than the others, role-play harder than the others, and generally don’t take part in lame ideas and get caught often. Play it straight and watch what happens.

Remember that the whole thing is about how one is presented in PUBLIC. The system we have is one where who you are decides what you can or cannot do and what you can or cannot say. Little people who hold no station have no political power, but they also have a lot freer reign than an Anacreon who is more tightly bound by the very system that enables his power.

(Greg Stuessel, the former ARST of Wraith for the South Central Region created the following document: The Protocols of the Hierarchy. I hope these Protocols will allow Wraith to be enjoyed by all and offer a more uniformed game experience. I would like to thank the original creators of the “Protocols of the Camarilla” because without their creation I would have had absolutely no idea what kind of format to put these in, Ricky Kramer for his help and input on these protocols which allowed me to refine them for gameplay, as well as Sultry for editing my writing because without her the document would have the content, but none of you would have been able to understand it. Thanks.)