Ranks of the Hierarchy

his section is designed to let the player know the full extent of power their position in the Hierarchy affords them and the responsibilities of these positions. There are two branches to every legion, the Military branch and the Civil or Administrative branch.

Military Branch

This branch is concerned primarily with the defense of the Necropolis (or at least that Legion’s section of the Necropolis). The defense includes fighting against Renegades, Heretics, Spectres, and generally any minion of Oblivion. In addition, the military are the primary ones that keep the local byways clear, and they also maintain and control civil unrest.

Civil or Administrative Branch

This branch of the Hierarchy focuses on the vital – though often under appreciated – tasks of civil management and record keeping. Advancement from one civilian rank to the next requires a combination of skilled performance, personal drive and the right connections. Transfers between civilian and military branches of the Hierarchy are not uncommon. The lower echelons of the active Legions contain a fair share of bored civil servants, while some burned-out or shell-shocked Legionnaires temporarily seek out the relative safety of a desk job.