Take one Permanent Angst Point:
Angst is the Shadow’s equivalent to a wraith’s Pathos. Angst reflects the strength of the corrupting voice inside your head in terms of how loud it is and how much control it has over you. Angst comes in tow types: Temporary and Permanent. The Shadow acquires Angst in several ways, including feeding its dark Passions and accumulating 10 point of Temporary Angst to gain on e Permanent Angst Trait. Angst is the fuel that your Shadow uses to work its way with you as it tries to steer you ever closer to Oblivion’s embrace.

Choose 2 Dark Passions:

Dark Passions are the Shadow’s goals and drives embodiment. These are usually the opposite or corrupted, self-destructive versions of the Psyche’s normal Passions. For example, if you had a Passion such as Avenge my murder (Anger), your shadow’s Dark Passion might be Get revenge on anyone who disagrees with me (Hate). There is a fine line between anger and hate, but if your character ever seeks excessive vengeance on another wraith, that might be enough for a test to see if you Shadow gains Temporary Angst.