Wraith Background
uring World War II when Fat Man and Little Boy were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a great roar reverberated from the depths of the Labyrinth. The Fifth Great Maelstrom boiled up out of the depths and spat its destructive force throughout the Shadowlands. The Maelstrom destroyed almost every route between Stygia and the Shadowlands.

Stygia itself suffered the worst catastrophe. A great Malfean, a reptilian horror named Gorool, rose up out of the Sunless Sea and threatened to consume Stygia completely. Every ship that went out to challenge it was smashed and its crew devoured. Charon knew that he alone stood a chance against the foul thing. He hung his great Mask in the throne room of his palace, retrieved his blade Siklos from the armory, and piloted a single skiff into the Weeping Bay to attack the thing. The battle is to this day depicted in tapestries and murals throughout Stygia.

Charon drew the great beast away from Stygia and opened a whirlpool in the Sunless Sea. Charon flung himself down into the midst of the whirlpool and was followed closely by the hungry Gorool. Neither rose again. In a single instant, the greatest ruler of the Restless vanished from knowledge.

t has been decades since Charon’s disappearance. Stygian agents have repaired the shattered roads and railways, allowing renewed communication with the Shadowlands. The Deathlords have, in Charon’s absence, assumed control in a great and powerful oligarchy and have tried to return things to normal. But the years of distance from Stygia have caused a little bit of a rift between the Shadowlands and the City of the Restless. The Code of Charon has fallen to the wayside in importance, as self-interested ruling Anacreons try to further their own personal power. Stygia is still trying to pull itself fully together and is still in need of the precious shipments of souls from the Shadowlands. Only the most complete declaration of cessation from Stygia will warrant any form of retribution.

The Camarilla Chronicle is set at present day after the Fifth Great Maelstrom, the disappearance of Charon but before “Ends of Empire” takes effect. For all intents and purposes of the Chronicle, Ends of Empires doesn’t exist. You may read it as an informational supplement but none of the information can be taken in game.

History of Charon and Stygia

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