Bronzed Monster Head Line

eing one of the Restless Dead does have its advantages. Though life may have fled, certain abilities denied mortals are granted to those who walk on the other side of the Shroud. These abilities that all wraiths possess are:

Deathsight - Wraiths see the taint of death and Oblivion everywhere they look. Oblivionís influence colors everything in the Shadowlands; a new building shows signs of filth and mild disrepair, statues appear chipped and crumbling, and people who are close to death have a corpselike pallor. Wraiths can use this ability to gain insight into an objectís weak points or a living personís general health. A Static Mental Challenge will indicate how healthy or sturdy a person or object is to a wraith using this power.

Lifesight - Wraiths are also able to see the auras of living (and certain unloving) things. This ability, when exercised properly, allows a wraith to gauge the mood, identity, and level of hostility of the owner of the aura being observed. By winning a Static Mental Challenge with a difficulty equal to the targetís number of Mental Traits, you may demand that the target answer one of the following sorts of questions honestly: "What is your Demeanor?", "What is your current emotional state (brief summary)?", "Was the last thing you said a lie?", or "What sort of creature are you?" (human, Kindred, Garou, mage, spirit, faerie, mummy, etc.). This ability cannot be used consecutively on the same target.

Sharpened Senses - All wraiths are hypersensitive to sensory input. A wraith can hear a whisper a block away or read a license plate off a speeding car with ease. At Narrator discretion, a wraith can make a Static Mental Challenge to pick up a visual, aural, or olfactory detail that might otherwise have been missed. However, the drawback to this ability is that loud noises or bright lights can startle or daze wraiths temporarily, so that if the Static Challenge is failed, the wraith is considered to be stunned by the overload. A stunned wraith will be unable to move or act for the next minute, though she will remain Corporeal unless damaged.