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f not for Castigate, the Shadow’s power would be unchecked. Those who master this Arcanos learn what drives and feeds the Shadow, as a prelude to learning what weakens its grip. Castigate is a highly personalized Arcanos. A Pardoner may use physical force, psychology, meditation, sermons, ritual purification, or any of a thousand other methods to fight the Shadow. The exact details depend upon the Pardoner’s tastes and beliefs. Most favor a kind of dialogue based on the target’s Shadow’s Nature (Archetype), a process called the Devil’s Dialectic. Keep in mind that dealing with a wraith’s dark side is a dangerous business – those who dabble in Castigate often meet dire fates.

Use the Intimidation Ability for retests with the Castigate Arcanos.

Innate Abilities


The wraith can briefly guard herself and her companions from a Maelstrom. Her Castigate acts as a shield wall, deflecting the Maelstrom’s storm winds and protecting her from the attention of any passing Spectres.

System: The wraith must spend one Pathos point depending upon how intense the Maelstrom is. For example, a small Maelstrom that only affects a small section of a Necropolis would only need one Pathos point spent, while a Great Maelstrom like that which was spawned by the dropping of the atomic bomb would require 8. When attempting to erect a Bulwark, the wraith makes a Static Physical Challenge and bids a Physical Trait. If the wraith succeeds, she may extend the Bulwark over herself and anyone she touches.


Those with Castigate can examine another wraith and see the Shadow on her soul. With careful study, the wraith may measure a Shadow’s rough power level and how close it lies to the surface. The user cannot examine her own Shadow. Soulsight can also detect Spectres (such as Doppelgangers) by gauging the terrible strength of their Shadows.

System: The wraith enters a Mental Challenge against the target. Upon a successful test, the target must hold up her Shadow sheet for a minute, as well as announce whether the Psyche or Shadow is dominant. If the Pardoner loses the challenge, the wraith whom Soulsight is being used upon can lie, withhold the Shadow sheet, and otherwise torment the Pardoner.

Basic Abilities

Dark Secrets:

This devious art allows the user to learn another wraith’s dark secrets by studying her Shadow. Of course, the Shadow may feed the Pardoner false information; spreading lies can be in the Shadow’s best interest. Generally, the weaker the Shadow, the more honesty the Pardoner can force or manipulate out of it.

System: The wraith expends one Pathos point and receives a point of Temporary Angst. The Pardoner then examines the target’s Shadow and enters an Extended Mental Challenge. Each success allows the Pardoner to ask one question of the target’s player (or Shadow Narrator when appropriate). The target’s player must answer fairly truthfully, but may indulge in cryptic responses or half-truths (a Shadow’s favorite tricks). The target character may let his Shadow enter a retest by spending a Temporary Angst point; nobody likes having his darkest secrets ferreted out. Shadows may retest to resist only once per night. Characters should not use this art as a method to reduce Temporary Angst easily.


By focusing her will, the wraith may directly attack the power of another wraith’s Shadow. The actual methods vary from Pardoner to Pardoner, and can entail sermons, song, esoteric chants, or even flagellation (roleplayed, no performed; remember the No Touch rule.). This is an extended, careful process, and cannot be rushed without grave risk.

System: The wraith enters a Social Challenge against the target, which may become an Extended Social Challenge if the Pardoner chooses. The target resists by bidding Temporary Angst points. If the Pardoner wins, then the Shadow loses the Temporary Angst point bid. If the Shadow wins, then the Pardoner gains a Temporary Angst point as well as losing the Mental Trait she bid. However, for every Temporary Angst point lost, the Castigated wraith also loses a level of Temporary Corpus.

Intermediate Abilities


By cloaking himself in his purity, the wraith may drive away Spectres and keep them from entering his immediate area. This art can shield an entire structure from Spectres (within reason – only the greatest Pardoners could guard an entire skyscraper). Any Spectres in the area, hidden or not, are driven away. Peculiarly, this art cannot keep Doppelgangers at bay.

System: Each success in an Extended Static Social Challenge against a Narrator and any Spectres who are present (excluding Doppelgangers) will keep the ward up for 1 to 5 minutes. Any Spectres already present much also be defeated in Social Challenges, even if the Pardoner defeats the Narrator. Any Spectres who win this challenge are not affected by the Housecleaning; any who lose are driven away. (The test against the Spectres drives current ones away; the test against the Narrator prevents infestation.) In the case of a tie with the Narrator, any defeated Spectres still must flee the area. So long as the Housecleaning is in effect, no new Spectres can enter the area.

Advanced Abilities


Those who know this art can fight against their Shadows’ bid for control. If the Shadow tries to take over a wraith with Defiance, the Pardoner may try to beat her dark side back into place. This art can be used to help other wraiths in their struggles as well at an additional cost of one Temporary Angst point.

System: To resist her Shadow’s attempts to gain control, the wraith must spend one Pathos point and enter an Extended Social Challenge. Each success reduces her Temporary Angst by one; the Shadow is powerless to prevent this. Each success beyond the initial one costs the Pardoner one additional Pathos point. If the Pardoner loses a challenge, she gains a Temporary Angst Trait. If she uses Defiance against herself, she must end her Extended Challenge with the first loss, but if she uses it against another wraith’s Shadow, she can continue with each loss adding another Temporary Angst point.

Pardoners Guild: Castigate Arcanos

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