ature is your inner personality, what the character doesnít usually reveal to others. Most dare not reveal their true, inner selves, and therefore create a Demeanor Ė a false front Ė behind which the true self can be hidden. Demeanor may be as consistent as the characterís eye color, or may change from minute to minute. Extraordinarily open, honest or simple-minded individuals have the same Demeanor and Nature, but there is no rule saying that Nature and Demeanor should Ė or canít Ė be the same.

Archetypes have a practical impact on the game, for characters can be manipulated according to their personalities. The personality of a character can both protect the player and make him vulnerable. Archetypes must be chose with care. They are:

Architect: You believe in creating something of lasting value. You seek to leave a legacy of some kind for those who will come after you. You are the type of person who would have built a town, created a company, or founded an institution.

Avant-Garde: You are only interested in what is new or on the cutting edge. You must be the first to discover or create something that people have never seen before. The thrill of experimentation is a major lure to the Avant-Garde, and you arenít afraid to take a few risks if theyíre necessary.

Bon Vivant: You escape the dread of the Void by deadening your senses with pleasure. Your hedonism might or might not be immoral in the eyes of some, but either way, your pursuit of new pleasures is your main concern.

Bravo: You reinforce your own self-worth by pumping yourself up and denigrating others. Fear equals respect in your mind, and you will take every opportunity to make others "respect" you.

Bureaucrat:You enjoy the solace and comfort that the System provides for you. You understand that chaos might come at any moment. However, if the proper procedures are in place and are followed, chaos can be averted, and everyone will be much happier (especially you).

Caregiver: You are highly concerned about other wraith, helping them fight the constant pull of Oblivion. Those who deserve help shall receive whatever aid you can render.

Child: You are at times naÔve and have an air of innocence about you, but at the same time, you know that you can get what you want if you pout and grump enough.

Conniver: You try to get ahead in the world by taking advantage of others. As far as youíre concerned, the rest of the population consists of suckers for you to exploit, authorities to circumvent and rivals to be avoided.

Critic: You find purpose in death by revealing weakness and faults in others, whether in artwork, an organization or in a personís habits. You strive to perfect others by pointing out their flaws so that those flaws might be corrected. Of course, some wraiths see you as merely self-aggrandizing, but what you do is done for their good.

Explorer: The excitement of finding new people, places and things fills your existence with the greatest excitement imaginable. Itís not what you find thatís important; itís the discovery itself that matter and consequences be damned.

Follower: Leaders are called leaders for a reason. They know whatís best, and the best way to survive is to obey their orders. You donít believe in stepping out of line by being original.

Gambler: You do things, not for the outcome, but for the thrill that the action provides. Whether you win or lose isnít necessarily important; you thrive on the high that comes from risking yourself time and time again.

Jester: Someoneís got to look on the bright side of death, and that someoneís you. Just because youíre dead doesnít mean that you canít lighten the mood a bit Ė you always were fond of gallows humor.

Leader: You know whatís best for everyone, and anyone who disagrees with you is misguided at best. Getting others to follow you isnít a matter of if; itís a matter of when.

Martyr: You are always willing to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of everyone else. Knowing that someone else is happy make any misery you put yourself through worthwhile. You donít want any rewards other than recognition for your sacrifices; through a monument to keep you from being forgotten once youíve sacrifice yourself for the last time might be niceÖ

Mediator: Thereís always a middle ground that can be reached, and you specialize in helping people find it. You abhor conflict, and will do whatever it takes to ensure compromise and a peaceful solution.

Rebel: The System needs to come down, and youíre just the one to start it tumbling. Thereís always something youíre reacting against, thought you donít necessarily have a better solution in mind. You just know that things canít stay the way they are.

Scientist: People not thinking things through cause so many of the Underworldís problems. Youíll analyze every bit of data that comes your way before acting, formulate a logical plan, weight the consequences, and go. Of course, sometimes this results in your getting sidetracked, but accuracy is more important than speed.

Survivor: You will never say never, even during the final descent to the Void. No matter what Fate throws at you, youíll fight to the bitter end for just one more minute of existence. Sometimes this means sacrificing thing Ė or people Ė but hey, a wraithís got to do what a wraithís got to do.

Traditionalist: What worked for your Reaper and your Reaperís Reaper works for you. There are tried and true ways of dealing with things, and you follow them because they work. Why take a chance on something new when the old standbys are still standing by?

Visionary: You have a goal that drives your very existence, something more and unimaginably greater than just existence. This is the thing that drives you, and you wonít rest until itís achieved. Let others worry about the day-to-days; youíve got much bigger fish to fry.