Doomslayer Lore
Hooded Ghost

oomslayer Lore includes knowledge of Spectre history, powers and much more. This knowledge is generally possessed by solo Doomslayers and other soldiers that actively fight Oblivion (Helldivers, Order of Thorns, and Martyr Knights). Others rarely learn this lore (or want it, for that matter), because it is only gotten through battle and constant interactions with Spectres. Those who possess Doomslayer Lore should be careful with their knowledge and keep it secret. Too much of this knowledge makes other wraiths nervous, to say the least.

Doomslayer Lore x1 - What a New Recruit would know.

Doomslayer Lore x2 - What an Initiated Soldier would know.
  • Basic Spectre structure and its workings.
  • Has heard horror stories of the Apparitions and Shades, possibly even seen one.
  • Knowledge of several Dark Arcanoi and many common Relics, Artifacts and Equipment used in battling Spectres.
  • Good working knowledge of the Shadow’s powers.
  • May know of a few other higher-level spectres.
  • Has heard frightening rumors of the Malfeans and Nephwracks.
  • Likely knows basics about one or two of the Dark Arcanoi (usually the one they were on the receiving end of).
  • Many ways the Code Of The Slayer can be interpreted.
  • Has heard the legends of the great Helldivers and Doomslayers (Edouard-Alfred Martel, The Lady of the Deeps, Overlord Jody Clemson, “The Knife”, Akbar al-Khabir).

Doomslayer Lore x3 - What a Seasoned Soldier would know.
  • Basic history of the Spectres and Oblivion.
  • More advanced knowledge of Spectre structure and tactics.
  • Has heard stories of the Labyrinth and possibly been there once.
  • Know how local leaders deal with and how much they pay for Spectre corpus.
  • May know basics about many of the Dark Arcanoi.
  • Detailed knowledge of Shadow tactics and powers.
  • Knows about Spectres corrupting people in the Skinlands.
  • Seen the Spectres operate for years and watched them fight against both the Restless and themselves.
  • Understand many of the Spectre's true strengths and weaknesses.
  • Knows many of the frightening rumors of the Malfeans and Nephwracks.
  • Detailed knowledge of most of the lower level Spectres (Haints, Mortwights, and Dopplegangers).
  • Has endured through many Spectre battles and risen steadily through the ranks.

Doomslayer Lore x4 - What an established Helldiver would know.(DST Approval)
  • Understands the reasons behind the Spectre's decisions and actions.
  • Knows the inner workings of the Spectre hierarchy.
  • Understands the Spectre’s current plans and strategies.
  • Fairly knowledgeable about many of the passages of the Labyrinth.
  • May have participated in several Shadowland attacks.
  • The concepts of Helldiving and gaining of Dark Arcanoi.
  • Has worked with or has good working knowledge of the other war groups (Order of Thorns, Martyr Knights, solo Doomslayers and Helldivers).
  • How/where to contact a Malfean (if you're crazy enough to do it).
  • Heard rumors of Oblivion’s Ferrymen, the Pasiphae.

Doomslayer Lore x5 - What the Legendary Helldivers and Doomslayers know.(RST Approval)
  • May know details about some of the Oncebornes (Zyras The All-Consuming, Lamachis The Devourer, Mulhecturous The Filth Goddess).
  • Knows the detailed history of the Spectres, the Malfean’s motivations and ways.
  • Likely to have been in one of the Malfean’s temples at one time.
  • Detailed knowledge about many of the passages of the Labyrinth.
  • Know some details of the Neverbornes and who the real players are.
  • Can name a number of the Generals of Oblivion (Coldheart, Bellisaurus, Al-Hajjaj).