Emerald Legion

Members Died From: Happenstance/accidental deaths. (Wrong place, wrong time. “Oops” victims”) Such as: parachutists, rock climbers, drive-by shooting victims, victims of natural disasters and plane crashes, patient who’s life support machine is accidentally unplugged.

Deathmarks: None listed.

Tendencies: Most have no malice or hatred against a mortal foe, so have “softer” emotions, such as regret and envy, rather than hate or revenge. More strongly attached to their Fetters than other Legion’s wraiths. They have more unfinished business than most, and making peace with happenstance is harder, so fewer transcend.

Emerald Values: Written by the Deathlord after Charon’s disappearance. Where Hierarchy and Emerald Values conflict, Emerald are put first. Harsh penalties for not learning and obeying, though interpretation is loose and based much on who’s doing the interpreting.

Value One: Determine Risk- Don’t simply calculate your chances for success, determine them. If you don’t like your odds, fix them.

Value Two: Cogs Turn Wheels- The reason anything works is because Legionnaires and clerks make them work. They deserve the highest respect and reward for their individual contributions.

Value Three: Throw it Up and See if it Flies- Failure is acceptable. Not trying isn’t. If an idea doesn’t work, rework it and try it again, until you make it work.

Value Four: Talk Emeralds, not Thorns- “Emeralds” are solutions, “Thorns” obstruct solutions. Innovation and risk taking are rewarded above success.

Strengths: In Stygia these values are treated as gospel, and thus Stygians are the most shockingly positive, performance-oriented Legionnaires found in the Underworld. Values tend to have 2 effects on Legionnaires: 1) Champions of a particular idea emerge, intent on a better solution at any cost; 2) Virtually every wraith takes personal pride in her job.

Downfalls: Values are only as strong as those that interpret them. The values can be abused, and often are by Centurions known as Assessors in some Citadels. Assessors twist the values to suit their own needs, scaring Legionnaires. (For example by watching too closely to see if they are showing “appropriate loyalty” and those that are thought not to be, are judged by a board and quite possibly smelted. Others are done away with for speaking ill of Assessors.) The ranks of Legionnaires prefer the Stygian interpretation, but many officials prefer the Assessor interpretation, causing much dissension.

Views of Others: Paupers: Interchangeable cohorts. Grim: Irritation because Grim sends more souls to forges than Emerald gets. Fate: low-level resentment because they think Fate has answers they aren’t sharing. Renegades: Ambiguous. Enemies, but Emerald study their methods of problem solving. Heretics: If stay no serious threat, they are tolerated and/or studied.

Military: Not nearly as well run as the non-military side of the Legion which operates under the values. 2 Special Orders: Guardians of the Labyrinth & Order of Archimedes’ Bathtub.

Created By:

"Sultry":Former AICC-Wraith, Crimson Triangle &
Greg Stuessel:Former ARST-Wraith South Central Region, U.S.A.
Created On: 2/1/01
Based on Information In: The Book of Legions, White Wolf Publishing Inc. Copyright 1998