Bronzed Monster Head Line

air Escape is a simple rule that allows players to escape from potentially deadly situations without actually vaulting over tables or charging headlong out of a room, possibly causing harm to themselves or others. This rule also allows players to avoid combat without going through cumbersome challenges to see if they can "get away."

When you use this rule, you can call “Fair Escape” anytime you see another player approaching with whom you do not wish to interact. Once you call “Fair Escape,” you may leave the area without being pursued. There are several guidelines which must be followed when using this rule, however:
- You may not use the Fair Escape rule if the person approaching is nearby (within conversational distance). In such cases, you must initiate a challenge. Use common sense in places where there is a great deal of noise and conversational distance is reduced to a minimum (e.g., a nightclub).
- Situations which involve an ambush (all exits are blocked, or the target is surrounded) may negate the use of Fair Escape. Again, use common sense.
- A character with Argos (Enshroud) may employ Fair Escape at any time before a challenge has been initiated. Characters with sufficient knowledge of Argos may also use Fair Escape to make a getaway into the Tempest.
These guidelines are intended to quicken play, not to obstruct it. Always try to use common sense when employing Fair Escape.