Fatalism Symbol

***Fatalism is difficult to work into a live-action setting and is recommended for Non Player Characters only. Regional Storyteller approval is required for player characters to learn this Arcanos.***
ome claim that Fate's mark is on everything, even (and especially) the souls of the dead. Fatalism is the Arcanos that allows wraiths to read Fate's tapestry, to the extent of interpreting someone's past or future. Fatalism is a dangerous Arcanos; those who tamper with Fate's weaving can find themselves horribly ensnared in its webs. There should be stiff penalties for abuses of this power; Fate does not take kindly to meddlers in her works.

Use the Enigmas Ability for retests with the Fatalism Arcanos.

Innate Abilities


This is the ability to read and gauge a person, situation, or thing's importance in the grand weave or how to read how Fate influenced them, particularly in their demise. A practiced Oracle can easily interpret a wraith's Deathmarks or perceive the forces at play around those with great destinies that intermingle with their own.

System: By entering a Mental Challenge with the target, the wraith can interpret either how much importance the target has in regards to the wraith or how the target died. If the target loses the Challenge, she must tell the oracle how the two are related (if at all) - i.e., "We are enemies," "I am working toward the same goals as you," etc. The target must answer truthfully, and to the best of her ability. This power is very difficult to simulate properly, and requires cooperation on the part of players in order to work at all. In the case of the other use of Kismet, if the target loses, assuming he's already dead he must tell the Oracle how he achieved that state. Again, no dissembling or omission is permitted if the Oracle wins the test.

Basic Abilities


The wraith's attunement to Fate's interweaving strands allows her to sense when danger approaches, much as a spider perceives vibrations along its web.

System: If a wraith has this ability activated, which is demonstrated by holding a Foreshadow card in plain view, she can enter a Static Mental Challenge in order to not be surprised in any situation. In other words, if the wraith had Foreshadow activated and normally would have been surprised, Foreshadow allows her to act normally instead. If the wraith wins because she had her Foreshadowing ability activated beforehand, the uneasiness it inspires grants the character one Temporary Angst point for each successful use.


The wraith can interpret a person's fate or read into her past by means of this art. Interpretation is typically used with some form of divination paraphernalia (the Tarot or I Ching, runecasting, astrology, or the like); attempting this art without such props is far more difficult and likely to backfire. Interpretation can only be used in the presence of a Narrator.

System: The wraith enters an Extended Social Challenge against the target. Upon each success, the wraith may ask a Narrator one short question about the subject (if necessary the Narrator may query the target if it concerns her past and interprets for the wraith using Interpretation). In the case of question concerning the future, the answers will always be more hazy and harder to read for which the Narrators may describe what sort of chances the target has in accomplishing his goals (if someone is attempting to thwart his goals, if there might be something getting in the way, etc.). Generally, this can be used to find out information concerning the upcoming plots that the Storyteller has planned and especially how the target might be involved in them.

Intermediate Abilities


As a wraith masters Fatalism, she can learn to read the interplay of Fate's forces more quickly, even in stressful situations. Guesswork allows a wraith to "read into" someone else's actions, and intuitively respond even before the target acts.

System: By spending two Pathos, a wraith may enter a Mental Challenge with any wraith she is in conversation with. If the Oracle wins the initial challenge (and either ties or wins if a retest is called for), her opponent must declare what his next action would have been. No lying is permitted, obviously.

Advanced Abilities


The secrets of the final level of Fatalism permits a wraith to make minor adjustments to Fate itself. By invoking Fate's blessing, a wraith can enjoy greater success in her efforts.

System: At the beginning of each game session, a wraith may spend two Pathos points and one Willpower Trait, and enter into an Extended Static Mental Challenge with a Narrator. The number of successes equals the number of losses in challenges the player may change to ties when the wraith decides to make use of the "luck" granted from using this ability. The Narrator mark down on a Luck card for the wraith how many times she may make use of the art. With each use the wraith must visibly mark off one of her previous successes.

Oracles Guild: Fatalism Arcanos

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