Legion of Fate
Legion of Fate Symbol

Members Died From:
Deaths which had special meaning, fate. Many are heroes: Like William Wallace (from Braveheart); firefighter who rushes into burning building to save an innocent; doctor who treats plague victims when no one else will, and contracts illness. Others are individuals who suddenly got the feeling that "tomorrow is the day I will die," and then they do.

Deathmarks: Common Deathmarks are often associated with infinity and wisdom. Such as: inward-turning spiral, joined circles (infinity symbol, joined rings, an hourglass, a yin-yang, pair of concentric circles).

Outsiders Opinions on Fate Legion:Harsh indifference. In theory they are led by the person that gave Charon his mandate to rule the Deadlands, so this makes them appear as “teacher’s pets” of the Underworld. This lends weight to Fated arguments in council, but it also generates resentment among members of Legions like Grim and Iron. Popular opinion is also that Fated members aren’t really a part of the Hierarchy, but just use it to further their own agenda.

Legion Views of Others:

Other Legions: Largely indifferent, since Doomed don’t think of themselves as members of Stygian system. Exception: Emerald Legionnaires share feeling of kinship since death of happenstance also. This doesn’t affect politics but can mean a great deal during a bar fight or a Maelstrom.

Heretics: Studiously indifferent. If peaceful and relatively quiet in their beliefs they are ignored or even surreptitiously aided; if dangerous to the Empire, or whose poison religion is particularly virulent, re-educated or smelted.

Renegades: Known to disappear suddenly if too vocal in rural area, or be caught in a Harrowing.

Ferrymen: Legionnaires are ordered not to interfere with the doings or goings of the Ferrymen.

Spectres: Prime job of troops to hunt down and capture for the forges, or simply destroy.

Deathlords' Views:The Ladies of Fate place lots of value on their Legionnaires. Fated are expected to question their superiors’ orders to make sure they understood them clearly; however disobeying will lead to being smelted. Fated are not an “active” legion in politics, instead act as mediators between other Legions; only Ladies have any political activity at all. NEVER VOTE.

Non-Military Organization:Fated are small legion and only in largest Necropoli. Operate on a Regional basis called a Province (3-10 large Necropoli & surrounding rural areas). 100-1000 Fated in a Province, overseen by ONE Anacreon. One Haunt near each Citadel for administrative needs only; Anacreon moves through cities on a routine circuit. Anacreon served by 3 subordinates: Chancellor of Reaping, the Chancellor of Politics and Administration, and the Overlord of Military Affairs. Below that there is little formal organization, but there are Ministers and Inspectors to facilitate operations (often work 6 to 7-day weeks of 18-20 hour days).

Military Organization: Small, skillful, fast, and badly overworked. Each Province has about as many troops as the average Necropolis, and is responsible for operations in an area between one and ten thousand times as large. Promotion is entirely by merit. Each Provincial Anacreon has an Overlord of Military Affairs who directs the Province’s military operations; something like “Texas Rangers” to surrounding small Necropoli. 2 Special Orders (i.e. groups): Order of Scarlet Sword & Order of Silver Hammer (see Legion of Fate Informational Packet).

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Based on Information In: The Book of Legions, White Wolf Publishing Inc. Copyright 1998