Ferryman Lore
Hooded Ghost

airyman Lore represents what a character knows about the mysterious Ferrymen. While a low and moderate level of this lore is acceptable for Wraiths, the possession of this lore beyond x3 will have a significant effect on your character. The character will not only begin to know more of the true secrets of the underworld, but also will be increasingly more aware (paranoid) of the battle with oblivion, and the consequences of processing this knowledge could begin to unravel a characters sanity. Knowledge at these levels is rarely spoken or written for a reason.

Characters who reveal these secrets should know that at these levels they should be careful; remember, the ferrymen do not take kindly to outsiders knowing of their society. Knowledge of the great secrets of the underworld is something that can get your character killed. Finally, if you start speaking of these secrets, the average Wraith is likely to consider you obsessed, mad, or something even worse.

Ferryman Lore x1

Ferryman Lore x2

Ferryman Lore x3
  • The Ferrymen abandoned Charon when they felt he had abandoned their original mission- to guide souls to the Far Shores and Transcendence.
  • Ferrymen's eyes glow in the presence of Spectres.
  • Ferrymen have no Shadows.
  • Ferrymen can't be Harrowed, and cannot be subjected to any kind of mind control.
  • Ferrymen have access to Dark Arcanoi.
  • There are Dark Ferrymen called Pasiphae, but no one talks about them.

Ferryman Lore x4(DST Approval)
  • Ferrymen have a secret city in the Tempest.
  • Ferrymen have access to something like the Spectral Hive-Mind.
  • Ferrymen are very powerful, both physically and spiritually (15 Corpus, 20 Pathos).
  • Ferrymen are extremely skilled in Castigate, Lifeweb, and Fatalism.
  • Although they have Fetters, Ferrymen can't cross the Shroud.
  • Ferrymen are separated from their Shadow during the Ritual of Severance, creating the Pasiphae.

Ferryman Lore x5(RST Approval)
  • The only ways to kill a Ferryman are destruction of its Pasiphae, or extreme Aggravated damage.
  • Pasiphae masquerade as Ferrymen, taking on unwary passengers, who are never seen again.
  • A Ferryman's Angst powers his Pasiphae, while it's Pathos powers the Ferryman.
  • Many rare and special Artifacts are available in storerooms in the Ferrymen city of Dis.
  • Mourners are somehow connected to Ferrymen.