Ghost Lore
Hooded Ghost

host Lore is more general and vague than Restless Lore, with usually a lot of misinformation. While Restless Lore represents what insiders (Wraiths) know about themselves, Ghost Lore represents what outsiders (ghouls, mortals, hunters, Garou, Fae, Kindred, etc.) might know about the system.

Second, a non-Wraith character that possesses Ghost Lore might be hunted and killed for their knowledge by those wraith groups who desire secrecy. So taking this lore, at any level, can lead to your character's death. However, allowance are usually made for Allies and Fetters, as long as they remain loyal to the Wraith.

x1: Hardly a clue.

  • Ghosts exist. Maybe.
  • Ghosts are trapped- haunting places where they died or were buried, or the people who killed them.
  • Sometimes ghosts can be animals or buildings, as well as people.
  • Ghosts have all kinds of strange powers, and manifest as cold spots.

  • x2: A little bit of knowledge...

  • Not all dead people become ghosts.
  • Some ghosts are malicious and violent. Others are merely unstable.
  • Some people can hear and talk to ghosts.
  • Ghosts are vulnerable to sea salt, rose petals, exorcism, or threatening their living loved ones.
  • Not all ghosts have the same powers.
  • Ghosts have some unfinished business. Once this is resolved, they will move on.

  • x3: What a successful Benandanti might know.

  • Not all ghosts are sentient.
  • Ghosts like Mediums.
  • Ghosts have sharp senses.
  • Disbelief hurts a ghost.
  • Walking through a ghost upsets it and may hurt it.
  • Ghosts sometimes appear in groups.
  • Sea salt and other old wives tales have no effect on a ghost, and most priests canít perform a proper exorcism.

  • x4 What a Cenaculum archivist might know. (DST Approval)

  • Very few people actually become ghosts.
  • Strong emotion gives a ghost power.
  • Some ghosts have a dark side, like an evil twin.
  • Ghosts can rise from the dead by taking over a living body.
  • Destroying objects that a ghost is fond of sends them away.

  • x5 What the Arcanum's wisest know. (RST Approval)

  • Ghosts have their own society.
  • Ghosts carry the marks of how they died.
  • A ghostís dark side can take over permanently.
  • Some magic might keep ghosts away, or even destroy them.
  • There are things in the Afterlife other than ghosts.

  • Taken from the Camarilla's Wraith Venue Website.

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