Ghost Story
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host Story, were stories that could be found at the beginning of every Wraith book. They usually dealt with whatever the book they were printed in dealt with. An example of this is in the Wraith book The Risen, the “Ghost Story” was about a female who was murdered and came back as a Risen to get revenge on her killer. The stories were excellent ways of gaining insight into the gaming world of Wraith. Below you will find the "Ghost Story" from each Wraith book. Read them for enjoyment and you should have a better understanding of each topic when you’re through.

Ghost Story - A New Life (from The Risen)
Ghost Story - Cat (from Renegades)
Ghost Story - Haunted (from Spectres)
Ghost Story - Little Girl Lost (from Oblivion)
Ghost Story - Viking (from Renegades)
Ghost Story - Homecoming (from Buried Secrets)
Ghost Story - A Road of Steel and Souls (from from the Guild Book - Pardoners)