Grim Legion
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Members Died From: Violent methods/murder. Bullets, knives, poison, beatings, wars, gang activities, armed robberies, intoxicated drivers, sexual crimes. Murder victims who themselves were murderers however, are quickly killed by the Grim Legionnaires.

Deathmarks: Bear the wounds that killed them proudly, often wearing clothes to accentuate them. Also have discoloration like bruising which gives them a blotched and mottled appearance.

Common Goals/Ideas:Most are filled with overwhelming hatred of their perpetrator, and often even after perpetrator is done away with the wraiths continue to haunt the families for centuries. Deathlord promises each wraith gets chance at retribution and revenge, so most wraiths are happy to be members of Grim. Dictum Mortuum is ignored so this can be accomplished. Grim Legionnaires make it a point to find and destroy their own killer, as well as help other members find theirs. This takes place in Skinlands and Shadowlands. Most make a point of learning how to fight well in order to confront their perpetrators.

Politics: When dealing with other Legions, normally formal and polite in public. Abstain from votes affecting Hierarchy OR vote with side that offers most benefits to Hierarchy as a whole. Grim Legion turns a deaf ear/blind eyes to wraiths who violate Dictuum Mortum as long as violation was something against the living. Rest of Hierarchy frowns on this but little can be done. Each person is regarded as an individual susceptible of retribution, but sometimes revenge is forgone if killing them would cause more overall harm than good (i.e. making enemies of a powerful person).

Views of Others:The Grim seek to punish anyone who offends them, regardless of power or species. Skeletal, Emerald, Paupers regarded more highly than other Legions. Penitent is frowned upon because madness is not an excuse for murder. Silent are ignored because they are so stupid they are beyond contempt. Killing themselves makes them little better than murderers of others.

HERETICS: Officially condemned, but those that died of violent means are helped by Grim to exact revenge. In payment they are expected to aid the Grim Legion.

RENEGADES: Officially condemned. Those who died violent deaths are treated same as Heretics, but most are killed ruthlessly and viciously.


MAGES: Moderately appalling but some aid in finding justice. Euthanatos: Loathe. Hollow Ones: Considered friends.

VAMPIRES: Considered a threat to Legion and are hated, especially Tremere and Giovanni. Samedi are spared hatred because go out of their way to aid in revenge on Living.

GAROU: Some have dealings with them, but most consider them a threat which needs to be eradicated.

CHANGELINGS: Sluagh: worthy of notice due to informational networks and helping Grim, who then reciprocate help. Redcaps: Hated along with any violent Kithain.

SPECTRES: Hated and killed.


NON-MILITARY: Most Grim are in this group. Each wraith expected to perform duties in entirety every day, but no set hours (many clerks). Special group are “Infiltrators,” who act as detectives interacting with supernaturals and enemies in order to discover identities of murderers. Often plan demise of those they use and are feared by most wraiths (afraid to be accused). Others are scribes, writing down all stories of murders. ALL members of Legion must help “finger” guilty souls for punishment.

MILITARY: Highly controlled and disciplined actions. Seek retribution against murderers and use other battles as training.
4 Special Orders: Sardonicai, Infiltrators, Retrievers & Arbiters, Black Masks (see Grim Info Packet).

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"Sultry":Former AICC-Wraith, Crimson Triangle &
Greg Stuessel:Former ARST-Wraith South Central Region, U.S.A.
Created On: 2/1/01
Based on Information In: The Book of Legions, White Wolf Publishing Inc. Copyright 1998