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uild Lore is representive of what an individual wraith knows about the secretive societies of the Guilds (yes they still exist). Any level of this lore is dangerous for Wraiths to posses because although the Guilds still exist they are not supposed to and the guilds make sure that it stays that way. If your character does have this lore at any level, they had better either be in a guild or be someone that is in the know about this kind of stuff. The Guilds do not take kindly to outsiders knowing of their existence and will "deal" with any wraith that has the knowledge of their guild that they do not want having it.

Characters who reveal these secrets should know that at any of these levels they should be careful; remember, any wraith that you meet could be a guild member. Knowledge of the great guild secrets is something that can get your character killed.

NOTE: Not all guilds will have lores for them. White Wolf discontinued the Wraith: the oblivion line before all the guild books were published. What has been published a lore is in place or is soon to come.

Alchemists Guild: Flux Arcanos Artificers Guild: Inhabit Arcanos
Chanteurs Guild: Keening Arcanos Harbingers Guild: Argos Arcanos
Haunters Guild: Pandemonium Arcanos Masquers Guild: Moliate Arcanos
Mnemoi Guild: Mnemosynis Arcanos Monitors Guild: Lifeweb Arcanos
Oracles Guild: Fatalism Arcanos Pardoners Guild: Castigate Arcanos
Proctors Guild: Embody Arcanos Puppeteers Guild: Puppetry Arcanos
Sandmen Guild: Phantasm Arcanos Solicitors Guild: Intimation Arcanos
Spooks Guild: Outrage Arcanos Usurers Guild: Usury Arcanos
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