he Harbingersí Guild came together as a collection of messengers, heralds, and explorers. They occupied a niche on the periphery of Stygian government, working for the Hierarchy without actually becoming a true part of it. Their sense of honor led them to serve as a sort of Coast Guard for the Tempest, rescuing the lost and besieged.

Following the breaking of the Guilds, it was simply business as usual for most Harbingers, albeit on an individual rather than a Guild-centered basis. It is worth noting that the Harbingers still command respect, and wraiths consider it bad luck to interfere with a Harbingerís duty. Perhaps to earn this respect, Harbingers will always stop to rescue souls they see lost in the Tempest.

Harbingers are exceptionally calm, swift, quiet, and collected. The time they spend in the Tempest gradually but invariably stains their eyes jet-black.

Argos Arcanoi