ack in the times of the Guilds, only the Spooks would regularly associate with the Haunters. The two Guilds cooperated to clear mortal intruders away from buildings they were hired to "clean." However, no other Guild would gladly mingle with the misanthropic, half-crazed Haunters. Their harness of the Wylding seemed to bend their minds as much as it distorted reality, and nobody could be sure that the Haunters were fully in control of themselves or their powers. These days, Spooks and Haunters are nearly inseparable, and other wraiths are quite happy to leave them to each other.

Haunters are recognizably quirky, adopting all manner of peculiar mannerisms (inappropriate giggling, affected speech, staring just a bit too intently at your left ear, and so on). Many have adopted billowing black cloaks as a sort of badge of honor or theatrical device.

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