Heretic Lore
Hooded Ghost

eretic Lore represents what a character knows about zealous heretic society. While a low and moderate level of this lore is acceptable and necessary for Wraiths, the possession of this lore beyond x3 has an increasingly significant effect on your character. The character will not only know more of the true secrets of the heretic cult, but also will begin acting increasingly more like them, and the consequences of the hierarchy finding out that you have this knowledge could get your character killed. Knowledge at these levels is rarely spoken or written unless a member of the heretic group.

Characters who reveal these secrets should know that at these levels they should be careful; remember, the Deathlordsí servants are everywhere. Knowledge of the deep secrets is something that can get your character killed. Finally, if you start speaking of these secrets, the average Wraith is likely to consider you obsessed, mad, or something even worse.

Heretic Lore x1

Heretic Lore x2

Heretic Lore x3
  • Knows how the Cults work, or don't work, together.
  • Has an idea of how to get them to band together for brief periods of time, or break them up.
  • Knows the types of Cults to be found in nearby cities.
  • Knows of the existence of the Risen is proven as a bonafide fact.

Heretic Lore x4 (DST Approval)
  • Knows a great deal of not-so-celebrated Cult history, including the parts the group doesn't want raw recruits to know -- like the whole "Shining Ones" mess.
  • Understands of the fine, multilayered relationships between the different Cults.

Heretic Lore x5 (RST Approval)
  • The apex of understanding the Heretics.
  • Has a grip on the true structure of the Heretics.
  • Knows the true histories of the Cults, and their interactions and dealings and betrayals.