Hierarchy Lore
Hooded Ghost

ierarchy Lore represents what a wraith character knows about Hierarchal society. While a low and moderate level of this lore is necessary for any Hierarchy wraith, the possession of this lore beyond x3 has an increasingly significant effect on your character. The character will not only know more of the true secrets, but also will be increasingly more concerned of events around them, and the consequences of processing this knowledge. Knowledge at these levels is rarely spoken or written for a reason. Characters who reveal these secrets know at these levels should be careful; remember, the Deathlordsí servants are everywhere. Knowledge of the great secrets is ones that can get your character killed.

Hierarchy Lore x1

Hierarchy Lore x2

Hierarchy Lore x3

Hierarchy Lore x4 (DST Approval)

Hierarchy Lore x5 (RST Approval)