Who and What are you?
In order to create a background that makes sense for your character, you need to figure out specifically how he or she lived. Remember, all wraiths started out as a normal mortal. They were doctors, lawyers, street workers, waitresses, husbands, wives, kids, fathers, mothers, etc. The point is the character was an ordinary "Joe," but they are now one of the restless dead. So you don’t have to create a rock star, actress or anything prestigious… you can if you want, but don’t feel compelled to be this awesome person. Remember, the game is wraith; now that you’re dead you have your chance to become awesome.

How did you die?
In wraith, how you died is very important to what allegiance you will hold to what legion. The legions in wraith work very much similar to the clans of Kindred (except powers are not determined by legion as clans determine them in Kindred). The legions politics vary from legion to legion. The choices are:
The Grim Legion – died by violence.
The Silent Legion – died by suicide.
The Emerald Legion – died by happenstance (accident).
The Skeletal Legion – died by sickness, famine, or disease.
The Legion of Paupers – don’t know how they died.
The Legion of Fate – destined to die.
The Penitent Legion – died by insanity.
The Iron Legion – died of old age.
Better details on the legions are found HERE. You must read these before choosing your death!!!! Pick the legion that bests conforms to your character concept. Then come up with your death tale.

What is your regret?
Every wraith regrets something in their life otherwise, they would transcend (go to heaven or hell). The very fact that your character is one of the restless dead means she has unfinished business to conclude. Maybe she’s worried about who will watch her kids? He wants revenge for his murder? Maybe they lived to a ripe old age but wanted to keep living? Doesn’t matter. It can be whatever you as the player wish, hell; it’s your character. Just make it interesting and fun.