Iron Legion
Iron Legion Symbol

Members Died From: In Old Age (regardless of exact cause) OR premature death due to “wearing out the body” (i.e. alcohol abuse, long term disease, living “fast” or stressful lives)

Deathmarks: ALL wear gray bands on arms and legs. Those that had more difficult lives wear more, and a higher number of bands are a sign of Valor within the Legion. Special distinction Deathmarks may also be worn (see Iron Legion Information Packet).

Strengths: Deliberate, cunning patience, efficiency, order. Many had financial affluence, power, and/or high intelligence in life, and can often use their ancestors to influence current activities in the Skinlands. Extensive training and teaching of all new souls, so that each can deal with even the most difficult tasks without indecision or doubt. Non-egotistical survivors, experienced at blending in; calm acceptance of necessary acts in order to achieve or get what they want. Fairness and justice (lying attorneys are smelted down as punishment).

Beneficial Members: Engineers, architects (many die old); high-tech computer gurus (like Bill Gates); filthy rich businessmen (like Donald Trump); all of the great scientists (like Einstein); powerful government officials (like Senators); old mob bosses (like the Marinelli’s).

Strengths: In Stygia these values are treated as gospel, and thus Stygians are the most shockingly positive, performance-oriented Legionnaires found in the Underworld. Values tend to have 2 effects on Legionnaires: 1) Champions of a particular idea emerge, intent on a better solution at any cost; 2) Virtually every wraith takes personal pride in her job.

Uses of Iron Legion:9 out of 10 Anacreons from other Legions will use architects and engineers from the Iron Legion to fortify and build their citadels. The best fortification planners are from the Iron Legion.

Deathlord's Views:The Ashen Lady would like to run the Hierarchy in Charon’s place, but doesn’t brag about her capabilities. Instead she is undermining the other Legions by forming alliances (using money payouts & favors) with the officials under the other Deathlords.


FAERIES:Friendly, has a soft spot for them.

WEREWOLVES:Keen interest, wants to contact wolves' spirits.

VAMPIRES: LOATHES! Will smelt them down at every chance, as well as cause problems in the Skinlands for them.

MAGES & MUMMIES: Pretends they don't exist. Has no interest in them so Legion has no official policy on them.

Inter-Legion Tension:The Ashen Lady likes to surround herself with all of the best poets, philosophers, and scientists, and these members lead a life of luxury within her “Salon” (her inner circle). This causes anger among the “grunt” wraiths but all of their complaints fall on deaf ears. Some members of other Legions crossover to join her Salon – surprisingly this doesn’t upset their previous Deathlords.

Arcanois:Embody Arcanos is officially prohibited in the Iron Legion (though a special group of these wraiths is maintained). Any Iron Legion members caught practicing Puppetry Arcanoi are immediately recruited into the “Communiqués” (elite force of worldly messengers). Though some join begrudgingly, many end up becoming Iron Legion advocates in time. Those that do not comply are smelted down.

Created By:
"Sultry":Former AICC-Wraith, Crimson Triangle &
Greg Stuessel:Former ARST-Wraith South Central Region, U.S.A.
Created On: 2/1/01
Based on Information In: The Book of Legions, White Wolf Publishing Inc. Copyright 1998