sing this Dark Arcanos, Spectres can stave off their rapid demise. Larceny allows a Spectre to restore his Corpus, and thus slow his descent into the Void. It is a dangerous Arcanos, strengthening every Spectre's own worst enemy - the Psyche - when used. Larceny also conveys a greater understanding of the nature of Oblivion. In essence, it allows Spectres to manipulate raw entropy, using its effects to steal strength from others and infect them with Oblivion in the process.

Use the Occult Ability for retests with the Larceny Arcanos.

Innate Abilities

Weigh Oblivion:

With this art a Spectre can determine how strong Oblivion is in a wraith or another Spectre.

System: The Spectre must make a Mental Challenge against his target. A successful challenge indicates that the Spectre now knows one of the target's Passions or Dark Passions, which the target must relay truthfully.

Basic Abilities


By touching another Spectre or wraith, the character may steal the target's Corpus and use it as his own.

System: The Spectre enters an Extended Physical Challenge. For each success obtained is one point of Corpus stolen.

Savor Agony:

This art allows the character to draw Angst from the pain she inflicts on others, mortal or supernatural.

System: Whenever the Spectre successfully inflicts aggravated damage upon another character; she may attempt to make a Physical Challenge against her target. Success allows the character to gain one point of Angst per level of aggravated damage she causes. This art costs no Angst unless the Spectre loses the challenge. In that case, the Spectre loses one point of Angst.

Intermediate Abilities

Withstand Oblivion:

This Dark Arcanos allows Spectres to heal aggravated damage, which can be healed in no other way. This art is dangerous in that it strengthens the Spectre's Psyche every time it is used, and so is employed only in dire need by all but the most insane of Spectres.

System: The Spectre enters an Extended Static Physical Challenge. Each successful challenge allows the Spectre to heal a level of aggravated damage. This art costs two Angst and additionally gives the Spectre's Psyche point of Temporary Composure.

Advanced Abilities

Defy Oblivion:

When employed successfully, this art allows a character to transfer the effects of Oblivion onto another character or creature. By Defying Oblivion, Spectres deny there on natures, and thus strengthen their Psyche. Like the previous level of this Arcanos, the majority of Spectres only uses Defy Oblivion in times of dire need.

System: Immediately upon taking any aggravated damage, a Spectre with Defy Oblivion can make a Simple Test. If the test is successful, the Spectre may attempt to transfer the destructive effects from himself to another character or creature inline of sight. If the Spectre succeeds in a Physical Challenge against the target, the target loses Corpus (or Health Levels if not a wraith or Spectre) equal to the number of levels of aggravated damage originally taken. This art costs two points of Angst and one Being Trait to activate, and earns the Spectre's Psyche two points of Temporary Composure.

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