he Masquers’ Guild, back in the bygone days, was a sprawling house of fashion and beautification. The Masquers devoted much of their time fulfilling the heavy demand for custom Moliation, and enjoyed a lofty position among the Guilds. Whether it was shaping a wraith into her ideal self-image or drawing terrible weapons from her very Corpus, the Masquers claimed they would meet every request and create true art while they were at it.

Of course, the masters of Moliate were also warriors, spies, and assassins of the highest caliber. When the Masquers decided to withdraw from the Guilds’ attempted coup, the other wraiths’ distrust of them grew stronger. While practically every Citadel has a former Masquer on the payroll, any wraith talented at Moliate is watched very carefully these days.

Masquers are exceptionally attuned to their art, and have a near-obsession with perfection. In addition, their Corpora are extremely malleable, and Masquers often appear to be just a bit too perfect. Occasionally, two or more Masquers who work well together adopt precisely the same visage.