Alert: Mentally prepared for danger and able to react quickly when it occurs.
Uses: Preventing surprise attacks. Defending against Arcanoi like Keening.

Attentive: You pay attention to everyday occurrences around you. When something extraordinary happens, you are usually ready for it.
Uses: Preventing surprise attacks. Seeing through Tempest Shroud when you don't expect it.

Calm: Able to withstand an extraordinary level of disturbance without becoming agitated or upset. A wellspring of self-control.
Uses: Resisting Cartharsis or Shadow commands that provoke violence. Whenever a mental attack might upset you. Primarily for defense.

Clever: Quick-witted resourcefulness. You think well on your feet.
Uses: Using a Mental Arcanos against another.

Creative: Your ideas are original and imaginative. This implies an ability to produce unusual solutions to your difficulties. You can create artistic pieces. A requirement for any true artist.
Uses: Defending against aura readings. Creating anything.

Cunning: Crafty and sly, possessing a great deal of ingenuity.
Uses: Tricking others.

Dedicated: You give yourself over totally to your beliefs. When one of your causes is at stake, you stop at nothing to succeed.
Uses: Useful in any Mental Challenge when your beliefs are at stake.

Determined: When it comes to mental endeavors, you are fully committed. Nothing can divert your intentions to succeed once you have made up your mind.
Uses: Facedowns. Useful in a normal Mental Challenge.

Discerning: Discriminating, able to pick out details, subtleties and idiosyncrasies. You have clarity of vision.
Uses: Lifeweb and Fatalism-related challenges.

Disciplined: Your mind is structured and controlled. This rigidity gives you an edge in battles of will.
Uses: Facedowns. Useful in a Mental Arcanos contest.

Insightful: The power of looking at a situation and gaining an understanding of it.
Uses: Investigation (but not defense against it). Reading auras. Using Heightened Senses. Seeing through Enshroud when you expect it.

Intuitive: Knowledge and understanding somehow come to you without conscious reasoning, as if by instinct.
Uses: Reading auras. Seeing through Enshroud.

Knowledgeable: You know copious and detailed information about a wide variety of topics. This represents "book learning."
Uses: Remembering information your character might know.

Observant: Depth of vision, the power to look at something and notice the important aspects of it.
Uses: Heightened Senses. Picking up on subtleties that others might overlook.

Patient: Tolerant, persevering and steadfast. You can wait out extended delays with composure.
Uses: Facedowns or other mental battles after another Trait has been bid.

Rational: You believe in logic, reason, sanity and sobriety. Your ability to reduce concepts to a mathematical level helps you analyze the world.
Uses: Defending against emotion-oriented mental attacks. Not used as an initial bid.

Reflective: Meditative self-recollection and deep thought. The Trait of the serious thinker. Reflective enables you to consider all aspects of a conundrum.
Uses: Meditation. Remembering information. Defending against most Mental attacks.

Shrewd: Astute and artful, able to keep your wits about you and accomplish mental feats with efficiency and finesse.
Uses: Defending against Mental Arcanoi. Plotting tactics or playing politics.

Vigilant: Alertly watchful. You have the disposition of a guard dog; your eye misses little.
Uses: Defending against investigation. Seeing through Enshroud. More appropriate for mental defense than for attack.

Wily: Sly and full of guile. You can trick and deceive others easily.
Uses: Tricking others. Lying under duress. Confusing mental situations.

Wise: An overall understanding of the workings of the world.
Uses: Giving advice. Dispensing snippets of Zen.