Passions: Choose 4
Passions are the emotional ties that wraiths still feel to the mortal world. They are the cores of every wraith’s existence. In a very real sense, a wraith’s Passions are what keep her going. She must strive to fulfill them, otherwise they will wither. However, if she attends to them, she can reap a harvest of Pathos, enabling her to continue her ghostly journey.

When selecting Passions, you must phrase the Passion itself as an imperative and then decide what emotion lies at its core of it. If your character was murdered, you might have the Passion Avenge my murder (Hate). Remember that the obvious emotions for Passions is not always the appropriate one; if your character’s murder might lead to the deaths of other you love, you might have the Passion Avenge my murder (Fear). Then again, you might simply want to get back at the person who bumped you off, in which case the Passion Avenge my murder (Vengeance) might be more appropriate. Some examples of Passions are:
  • Hate
  • Love
  • Sorrow
  • Joy
  • Loyalty
  • Vengeance
  • Sympathy

Fetters: Choose 4

Fetters are people; places or other material objects (whatever you choose, it doesn’t matter example: mother, favorite baseball card, favorite car, girlfriend, wife, kids, husband, etc.) that simultaneously keep a wraith attached to the Skinlands and anchor him against Oblivion’s relentless pull. In fact, Fetters are part of what makes a lost soul a wraith. Each represents something that held a special meaning or certain importance to your character while he was alive. In practical terms, your Arcanoi are often easier to use around your Fetters; plus, you can rest and heal more easily near a Fetter. You get to choose 4 fetters, describing each one exactly. Bear in mind that things happen during gameplay which cannot be foreseen; you might lose a Fetter or gain one, depending upon how things work out.