Legion of Paupers

Legion of Paupers Symbol

Members Died From: Deaths that are a mystery to the victim (not unsolved cases in the Skinlands where the victim actually knows how they died). Example: Someone who’d been in a car crash might assume she died in the crash, but she was killed by an incompetent anesthesiologist. Or if too many forces contribute to a person’s death and the actual reason is muddled, they become a Pauper.

Also included are wraiths who know how they died, but not why. For instance if a woman is killed during a burglary she might assume it was circumstance, but perhaps her husband hired someone to kill her for insurance. She doesn’t know the truth so she is relegated to Paupers. Typically if one of her Passions is Find Out Who Killed Me, or Find Out Why I Died she is a Pauper.

Generally guesses can be hazarded (tire tracks, gunshot wound), but if she didn’t see it coming it is considered mystery. And some really have no idea and never find out.

Deathmarks: Least identifiable marks of any Legion. Extraordinarily complex and are seemingly enhanced with mottled pigmentation from which different patterns seem to rise daily.

Division of Souls:While technically Paupers died from Mystery, the Deathlord is known as the “Beggar Lord,” begging for any souls the other Legions will give him. Thus membership also includes those that are troublesome for other Legions, those souls that are heavily disputed between other Legions (they give them to the Beggar Lord to settle it), Freaks (socially inept and weird), and Misfits (refuse to fit in). The Pauper Legion gladly takes everyone.

Attitudes:Bound together by love of individuality. Most tolerant of radical perspectives; lacking in tact generally though wouldn’t be rude enough to point out another person’s oddities. They have a bitter sense of humor in which they make tactless comments at inappropriate times – trying to extract reactions from sensitive wraiths.

Strengths:Most weren’t happy with their lives, so in afterlife focus lots of energy on “living.” Many Paupers able to push away most thoughts of Skinlands except Fetters and Passions.

Weaknesses:Often grow self-absorbed and some totally focus on solving mystery of their death. Deathlord is lenient with members so less attrition to Renegades/Heretics but when they go bad they "go extraordinarily bad."

Deathlord:“Beggar Lord” has bitterly strange manners ranging from childishly flippant to agonizingly formal and patronizing (he’s insane). Makes political concessions to increase ranks of Paupers; he is a swing vote that can be bought with souls. Supports official return of the Guilds, because he believes in order to protect Stygia from Oblivion, wraiths need to be highly skilled in all Arcanoi. While he claims his legion is “too small,” in fact it is comparable size. He hides his numbers by taking rejects from other Legions and smelting them into weapons, trying to become strongest legion and hoping to become Emperor. If the other Legions knew how insane he was, they would take actions against him, however they don’t and he continues to build his legion. His Legion members also don’t know how insane he is, so continue to support him.

Military: According to General Patton (a Pauper), military is one of richest in courage and willpower. Many fierce warriors/soldiers anxious to change opinion that Paupers are runts of Underworld. 3 Special Orders: (see Pauper Info Packet) Legion of August, Legion of the Onyx Tear, Legion of Revelations

Created By:
"Sultry":Former AICC-Wraith, Crimson Triangle &
Greg Stuessel:Former ARST-Wraith South Central Region, U.S.A.
Created On: 2/1/01
Based on Information In: The Book of Legions, White Wolf Publishing Inc. Copyright 1998