Penitent Legion
Penitent Legion Symbol

Members Died From: Those who are mentally unstable, and the VICTIMS of such people. Criminally insane, obsessive compulsives, multiple personality, Alzheimer’s patients, mad scientists, soldiers, some suicides. Victims like: little girl who walked down wrong alley, wife who said ‘no’ once too often, father who pushed his little boy to succeed until that little boy cracked, cop who should have waited for backup before approaching crowd on corner, many murder victims.

Deathmarks: ALL Penitent wraiths are stained with blood. The amount of staining each wraith has varies, but the hands are always stained purple. Further infractions, such as allowing a Shadow to gain too much power, increases the amount of staining.

Common Goals/Beliefs:Legionnaires are often struggling with understanding the nature of madness, and are taken to Stygia to find peace. If they cannot come to grips, they never return. ALL believe that Madness is an extension of Oblivion, so the members of their Legion are largely responsible for Oblivion’s growth. As such, they all must pay “penance” to other wraiths for their shortfall, and Penitents work twice as hard at everything to make up. Shadows are closely monitored to prevent members from slipping to Oblivion. ALL Legion members share equal responsibility for all Penitent “crimes,” regardless of your own amount.

Inter-Legion Tension: Only Legion in which perpetrators and victims reside together. Even if victim’s killer has fallen to Oblivion, hatred can still resides towards those like the killer.

Other Legion Relations:Penitent often loses many of their would-be souls to the other Legions; i.e., murder victims of mass murderer. They don’t fight or negotiate for souls, though, choosing to “steal” them away instead. Penitent Reapers take what they think they can without drawing too much attention, and rarely do anything “above board.”

Other Legions tend to think of Penitent as “a bunch of cannibalistic, nun-killing psychopaths” and distrust them. Other Legions also believe and hate that Penitents act like Martyrs.

Politically viable, they can do a lot of favors (military, Shadow-control). Fairly steady relations with Emerald, Paupers, Fate. View of Heretics: They are mad and should be in Penitent. View of Renegade: They are dangerous and quite possibly feeding Oblivion.

Arcanois:Castigate is the most commonly practiced Arcanos in this Legion.

Deathlord:The Laughing Lady. Wears a huge mask and keeps to herself. Speculation is that she knows more about the Tempest than any other Deathlord because of the information her specialized group of ‘Storm Maidens’ bring back to her. Other Legions wonder if she has gone mad as well, but aren’t willing to investigate.

Military: Commanded by Liamh, who fought against Caesar in Roman times. Dedicated to battling the forces of Oblivion, ensuring the safety of the citizens of the Hierarchy and enforcing Charon’s laws. Regularly called upon to do battle with marauding Spectres, militant Renegades and dangerous Heretics, and defend Hierarchy in exotic locales. 6 groups do specialized jobs: Skirmishers Corps; Phalanx Corps; Beast Corps; Flesh Corps; Machine Corps; Storm Maidens. (see Penitent Information Packet for detailed descriptions of duties)

Created By:
"Sultry":Former AICC-Wraith, Crimson Triangle &
Greg Stuessel:Former ARST-Wraith South Central Region, U.S.A.
Created On: 2/1/01
Based on Information In: The Book of Legions, White Wolf Publishing Inc. Copyright 1998