Phantasm Symbol

he art of Phantasm is the Arcanos of dreams. Those with mastery of its arts can slide a sleeping mortal's soul out of its flesh and bring it along on a Shadowlands journey. The sleeper will remember the events he engages in as a vague dream, if at all, but on a dreaming level they are real indeed.

This Arcanos is a good way to involve mortals directly in a wraith's doings. A vivid dream can inspire or frighten a person into changing his behavior. The wraith can even alter elements of the dream to his tastes, instructing or horrifying his audience.

Dreamers brought into the Shadowlands are treated as wraiths with particularly solid forms. They may only be damaged by special Artifacts or attacks that inflict aggravated damage on wraiths. Attacked dreamers slip instantly back into their bodies, almost always waking up unharmed. Only the mightiest wraiths can permanently damage or kill mortals in their dreams.

NOTE: The arts of Phantasm can be used to beneficial or malefic effect, and this has a direct effect on the price of using the Arcanos. With the exception of Agon, any Phantasm art that is used to harm another's soul also grants the user a point of Temporary Angst. The same art can be used for healing and entertainment without giving the Sandman in question Temporary Angst; what determines the cost is the Sandman's intent. Any discrepancies should be resolved by a Narrator.

Use the Enigmas Ability for retests with the Phantasm Arcanos.

Innate Abilities


The wraith may watch a mortal's dreams, or tell where he is along his sleep cycle (of REM sleep, deep sleep, and transition). This ability works equally well with supernatural creatures as well.

System: The player makes a Static Mental Challenge in order to be able to watch the target's dreams for about five minutes at a time. If the dream is anything pertinent, the details of the dream should be relayed to the Sandman. If the target is feigning sleep, the Sandman will know instantly.

Basic Abilities


The wraith may either take hold of a sleeper's soul, pulling it free without harming it, or may alter the details of a sleeper's dream. If the wraith pulls the soul free, the wraith may carry it with her as she likes. If the wraith alters his target's dreams, he can change any number of factors in the dream. If he changes enough details, he can twist a pleasant dream into a nightmare or vice versa.

System: To take a dreamer's soul from his body, the wraith enters an Extended Static Physical Challenge and spends one point of Pathos. Every success allows the subject to remain in the dreamscape for five minutes. During that time the dreamer can see, speak, and otherwise interact with all of the denizens of the Underworld. To manipulate the sleeper's dreams, the wraith enters an Extended Static Social Challenge and expends two points of Pathos in order to manipulate his target's dreams. Each success makes every change more vivid and lasting.

Dreams of Sleep:

The wraith may make mortals, supernatural beings or other wraiths fall asleep and dream. For wraiths, the dreams are as vivid as those of life.

System: The Sandman need not enter a challenge if the subject is willing. If he is unwilling, the player enters a Social Challenge against her target. This art costs one point of Pathos when used on other wraiths, two points for mortals, and three points for Pathos when used on supernatural beings. If the art is used on supernatural beings, they will instantly be aware of what is going on (they will know that it is a supernatural attack; they may or may not recognize the source) and may react accordingly.

Intermediate Abilities


The wraith may weave Pathos into illusions. Phantasmagoria affects all five senses, but the duration is limited. These illusions are only solid to other wraiths if she invests Corpus into them. If she is Embodied, she can craft these illusions in the material world.

System: The player enters an Extended Static Social Challenge and spends two points of Pathos. The number of successes equals how difficult it is to see through the illusion, as well as its duration. The wraith must invest one Corpus Level to make the illusion quasi-material (and dangerous). The illusion can take as many Corpus Levels of damage before being destroyed as the wraith is willing to invest. A wraith may not "heal" a damaged illusion; he must craft another one. If the illusion is potentially damaging, the player may make a Physical Challenge to attack a victim. Each success inflicts one Level of damage. Phantasmagoria costs three Pathos to activate, plus on Pathos for every 10 minutes for which the illusion is maintained.

Advanced Abilities


The wraith may directly rip a dreamer's soul from her sleeping body. This is excruciatingly painful and often debilitating to the dreamer.

System: The player enters an Extended Physical Challenge against the victim. The number of successes indicates how long the wraith may hold the dreamer's soul, each success equaling five minutes. The dreamer also loses an equal number of Health Levels upon awakening. She may resist the wraith through the Extended Physical Challenge, which can turn this art's use into a true struggle. Agon costs three Pathos points to use, and grants the wraith's Shadow two Temporary Angst points. Souls ripped from bodies by use of Agon also enter the Shadowlands as dreamers (unless the art's effects are fatal), but are usually in the position of Thralls.

Sandmen's Guild: Phantasm Arcanos

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