Athletic: You have conditioned your body to respond well in full-body movements, especially in competitive events.
Uses: Sports, duels, running, acrobatics, and grappling.

Brawny: Bulky muscular strength.
Uses: Punching, kicking or grappling in combat when your goal is to inflict damage. Power lifting. All feats of strength.

Brutal: You are capable of taking nearly any action in order to survive.
Uses: Fighting an obviously superior enemy.

Dexterous: General adroitness and skill involving the use of one’s hands.
Uses: Weapon-oriented combat (Melee or Firearms). Pick pocketing. Punching.

Enduring: A persistent sturdiness against physical opposition.
Uses: When your survival is at stake, this is a good Trait to risk as a second, or successive, bid.

Energetic: A powerful force of spirit. A strong internal drive propels you, and, in physical situations, you can draw on a deep reservoir of enthusiasm and zeal.
Uses: Combat.

Ferocious: Possession of brutal intensity and extreme physical determination.
Uses: Any time that you intend to do serious harm. When in Catharsis.

Graceful: Control and balance in the motion and use of the entire body.
Uses: Combat defense. Whenever you might lose your balance (stepping on a plasm puddle, fighting on four-inch-thick rafters).

Lithe: Characterized by flexibility and suppleness.
Uses: Acrobatics, gymnastics, dodging, dancing and Moliate.

Nimble: Light and skillful; able to make agile movements.
Uses: Dodging, jumping, rolling, acrobatics. Hand-to-hand combat.

Quick: Speedy, with fast reaction time.
Uses: Defending against a surprise attack. Running, dodging, attacking.

Resilient: Characterized by strength of health; able to recover quickly from bodily harm.
Uses: Resisting adverse environments. Defending against damage in an attack.

Robust: Resistant to physical harm and damage.
Uses: Defending against damage in an attack. Endurance-related actions that could take place over a period of time.

Rugged: Hardy, rough and brutally healthy. Able to shrug off wounds and pain to continue struggling.
Uses: When resisting damage, any challenge that you enter while injured.

Stalwart: Physically strong and uncompromising against opposition.
Uses: Resisting damage, or when standing your ground against overwhelming odds or a superior foe.

Steady: More than simply physically dependable: controlled, unfaltering and balanced. You have firm mastery over your efforts.
Uses: Weapon attacks. Fighting in exotic locations. Piloting oil tankers.

Tenacious: Physically determined through force of will. You often prolong physical confrontations, even when it might not be wise to do so.
Uses: Second or subsequent Physical Challenge.

Tireless: You have a runner’s stamina – you are less taxed by physical efforts than ordinary people.
Uses: Any endurance-related challenge, second or subsequent Physical Challenge with the same foe or foes.

Tough: A harsh, aggressive attitude and a reluctance ever to submit.
Uses: Whenever you’re wounded or winded.

Vigorous: A combination of energy, power, intensity and resistance to harm.
Uses: Combat and athletic challenges when you’re on the defensive.

Wiry: Tight, streamlined, muscular strength.
Uses: Punching, kicking or grappling in combat. Acrobatic movements. Endurance lifting.