he Puppeteer’s Guild was never an official part of Stygian society. Though even Charon used their services on occasion, he tolerate their presence in Stygia because of their affiliation with the other Guilds and not for any intrinsic merit they might possess. Their participation in the attempted coup was the excuse Stygia had been waiting for, and the Puppeteers were among those wraiths most fiercely persecuted after the coup’s failure. Today, those Puppeteers who practice their art must do so well away from any Hierarchy representative.

Most Puppeteers feel a great fondness for mortals, acting protectively toward their wards. Many try to avert wars among the living and guard their favorite Quick. Of course, the occasional bad seed feels quite the opposite; mortal bodies, they argue, are the perfect entertainment, ripe to use and abuse.

Puppeteers unconsciously exhibit strange mannerisms and often accents picked up from assorted mortal hosts during Skinrides.