Renegade Lore
Hooded Ghost

enegade Lore represents what a wraith character knows about the outlaw Renegade Society. While a low level of this lore is necessary for any Hierarchy wraith, the possession of this lore beyond x3 has an increasingly significant effect on your character. The character will not only know more of the Renegade Factions secrets, but will also will be increasingly walking the fence between the two factions and the consequences of this knowledge can be dangerous. Knowledge at these levels is rarely revealed for a reason. Characters in the Hierarchy who reveal these secrets will be taken to be a Renegade and if any Renegade finds out that your character knows this much and is not part of the Renegade faction your character will probably turn up missing. Knowledge of the great secrets is ones that can get your character killed.

Renegade Lore x1

Renegade Lore x2

Renegade Lore x3

Renegade Lore x4 (DST Approval)

Renegade Lore x5 (RST Approval)