Risen Lore
Hooded Ghost

isen Lore represents what a character knows about the fabled Risen. Knowledge of this lore at any level is dangerous to your character because the Risen are not supposed to exist. It is also dangerous because this is the most direct violation of the Dictuum Mortum and the Hieararchy will not take kindly to any wraith even thinking of crossing the shroud permanently. Another area to be careful about is the fact that the Puppeteers are the only ones who have any knowledge of how to become a Risen and if your character gains this knowledge, chances are the Puppeteers will want a word with you.

Characters who reveal these secrets should know that they should be careful; remember, spies are everywhere. Knowledge of the deep secrets is something that can get your character killed.

Risen Lore is an RST level approved Lore.

Risen Lore x1
  • Risen exist. They are Wraiths who have re-animated their corpses.
  • Risen are a flagrant violation of the Dictum Mortuum.
  • Risen rise to deal with unfinished business that can't be worked out any other way.
  • Risen each have a special object they like to keep near them.

Risen Lore x2
  • Knows that the Puppeteers have something to do with the Risen.
  • Knows that the Shadow is placed into a special Fetter, called a Conduit.
  • Knows that Rising requires Puppetry, and at least one of the following: Lifeweb, Inhabit, or Embody.
  • There are vampires in the Skinlands. Pretending to be one is a good way to hide.
  • Risen are hard to kill.

Risen Lore x3
  • Risen have access to special Arcanoi.
  • Some Conduits are animals.
  • Risen are unusually resistant to pain, and heal quickly.
  • Risen suffer crippling nausea if they eat or drink anything at all.
  • Risen may learn some Vampiric Disciplines.
  • Some vampires are Necromancers. Avoid them.
  • Puppeteers actively encourage Wraiths to Rise.
  • Puppeteers will help Risen in return for "future considerations".
  • Risen with Risen Lore x3 or more, should have Kindred Lore x1 or x2.

Risen Lore x4 (DST Approval)
  • Risen can leave their body to return to the Shadowlands briefly. This is very dangerous.
  • Nosferatu, Brujah, and Malkavians are the easiest Vampire clans to infiltrate. Avoid the Giovanni.
  • Damage to, or separation from, the Conduit damages the Risen.
  • Risen are not nourishing to Vampires.

Risen Lore x5 (RST Approval)
  • Risen may be Shadow-eaten.
  • A destroyed Risen's Conduit may continue to hold its Shadow.
  • Some Deathlords secretly encourage and help Risen.
  • A Risen can be killed by destroying its heart and brain, or by gross (aggravated) damage.
  • The presence of Conduits makes Necromancy easier.