Silent Legion
Silent Legion Symbol

Members Died From: Suicide; Despair/extreme hopelessness, which includes martyrs burned at the stake, hunger strikers, assisted euthanasia patients. Claims many teenagers as well as Wall Street Executives.

Deathmarks: Most not physically appealing: hollow eyes, sunken cheeks, pallor. Also bear mark of passing: raggedly slit wrists that still bleed, poison victims are blotchy and greenish, jumpers are flattened, exit wounds on gunshot victims.

Silent Legion Views: Often violate Dictuum Mortum (Hierarchy decree to not interfere with the living). No official decree on interfering with mortals from this Legion’s Deathlord, so many cross Shroud to prevent more suicides (possible reasoning: prevent more souls from gaining extra angst and entering Oblivion OR because of soft-heartedness, personal crusades). A few of the “Reapers” however, encourage suicides to increase the Legion’s ranks. Many try to part ways with their own Fetters since died to get away from them, and usually succeed with at least one.

Relations With Others:

Grim & Penitent: Fight over membership: less-than-cordial, some military conflicts.

Paupers & Emerald: Cordial: Silent helps them overcome their emotional troubles.

Fate: Cool neutrality: try not to offend Fated.

Skeletal & Iron: Neutral but tense due to conflicts over souls.

Heretics: Misguided, stumbling, and ultimately useless and harmless to anyone but themselves.

Guilds: Opposed the disbanding.

Spectres:Immediate and insidious threat.

Artificers:View Silent members as “raw materials” so the Silent members view the Artificers with distrust, and as a result are often lacking Stygian Steel Weapons.


Moliate: Those members that use it are shunned by other Legionnaires; esp. those who advertise their services. General reluctance and fear of even cosmetic moliation. Silent Legionnaires should use caution in demonstrating this Arcanos in manners that would alert other Silent Legionnaires to their abilities.

Mnemoi: Break up of this Guild applauded, because of risk of an enemy altering their minds and memories.

Castigate: Many have uncanny aptitude for this.

Lifeweb: Many also have a knack for this.

Non-Military: Estimated 60% of Stygian Pardoners and 40% of Monitors are members of the Silent Legion (so they know many Stygian personal secrets). Lots of Mystics and Counselors. Many will slip into similar jobs as in life (stock traders become soul traders), while others take up a totally opposite career. Some hire out to watch other people’s Fetters.

Military: Main duty of every Legionnaire is peacekeeping. Policy: “Speak softly and carry a big soulforged stick.” Frown upon excessive use of force and exploitation of the civilians.
There are 5 Special Military Orders: Warriors of Lethe, The Band of Quixote, Angels of Angst, The Bleak Legion, The Ten Thousand. Each has a specialized objective. (See Silent Legion Informational Packet)

Created By:

"Sultry":Former AICC-Wraith, Crimson Triangle &
Greg Stuessel:Former ARST-Wraith South Central Region, U.S.A.
Created On: 2/1/01
Based on Information In: The Book of Legions, White Wolf Publishing Inc. Copyright 1998