Alluring: An attractive and appealing presence that inspires desire in others.
Uses: Seduction. Convincing others.

Beguiling: The skill of deception and illusion. You can twist the perceptions of others and lead them to believe what suits you.
Uses: Tricking others. Lying under duress.

Charismatic: The talent of inspiration and motivation, the sign of a strong leader.
Uses: In a situation involving leadership or the achievement of leadership.

Charming: Your speech and actions make you appear attractive and appealing to others.
Uses: Convincing. Persuading. Keening and Intimation.

Commanding: Impressive delivery of orders and suggestion. This implies skill in the control and direction of others.
Uses: When you are seen as a leader. Direct confrontations.

Compassionate: Deep feeling of care or pity for others.
Uses: Defending the weak or downtrodden. Defeating major obstacles while pursuing an altruistic end.

Dignified: Something about your posture and body carriage appears honorable and aesthetically pleasing. You carry yourself well.
Uses: Leadership situations. Might be important in the Hierarchy for advancement.

Diplomatic: Tactful, careful and thoughtful in speech and deed. Few are displeased with what you say or do.
Uses: Very important in intrigue. Leadership situation.

Elegant: Refined tastefulness. Even though you donít need money to be elegant, you exude an air of richness and high society.
Uses: High society. Might be important in the Hierarchy and certain Guilds for advancement.

Eloquent: The ability to speak in an interesting and convincing manner.
Uses: Convincing others. Swaying emotions. Public speaking. Keening.

Empathetic: Able to identify and understand the emotions and moods of people with whom you come in contact.
Uses: Gauging the feelings of others. Castigate.

Expressive: Able to articulate thoughts in interesting, significant, meaningful ways.
Uses: Producing art, acting, performing. Any social situations in which you want someone to understand your meaning.

Friendly: Able to fit in with everyone you meet. Even after a short conversation, most find it difficult do dislike you.
Uses: Convincing others.

Genial: Cordial, kindly, warm and pleasant. You are pleasing to be around.
Uses: Mingling at parties. Generally used in a second or later Social Challenge with someone.

Gorgeous: Beautiful or handsome. You were born with a fact and a body what is good-looking to most people you meet.
Uses: Modeling, posing. Moliate.

Ingratiating: Able to gain the favor of people who know you.
Uses: Dealing with elders in a social situation.

Intimidating: A frightening or awesome presence that causes others to feel timid. This Trait is particularly useful when attempting to cow opponents.
Uses: Keening. Inspiring common fear. Ordering others.

Magnetic: People feel drawn to you; those around you are interested in your speech and actions.
Uses: Seduction. Intimation and Mnemosynis.

Persuasive: Able to propose believable, convincing and correct arguments and requests. Very useful when someone else is undecided on an issue.
Uses: Persuading or convincing others.

Seductive: Able to entice and tempt. You can use your good looks and your body to get what you want from others.
Uses: Subterfuge and seduction.

Witty: Cleverly humorous. Jokes and jests come easily to you, and you are perceived as a funny person when you want to be.
Uses: At parties. Entertaining someone. Goading or insulting someone.