ven in shadowed Stygia, the Solicitors enjoyed a reputation that was dark. Always more of a cabal than a Guild, the Solicitors were sought out by the great for the ways in which their special talents might tip the balance of intrigues. At the same time, common citizens avoided them, unwilling to become pawns in the games of manipulation that the wielders of Intimation played. By the turn of the 17th century, the lords and ladies of the capital of the dead became unwilling to tolerate the Solicitors’ presence any longer and declared them banned from Stygia. Though all the Guilds had been officially disbanded by this time, any who practiced or even held knowledge of this now-forbidden Arcanos were made very unwelcome in Stygia. This did little to alter the status quo, other than to raise the Solicitors’ rates for services rendered. Even today, if the art of manipulating desire is needed, a Solicitor can be found in almost any locale… assuming, of course, that one is willing to risk dealing with them.

The symbol of the Solicitors is a stylized Catherine wheel, denoting their power to bend others to their will. Solicitors will often conduct psychological warfare on targets by causing toy wheels to be rolled past them at appropriate moments. The effect is generally similar to that of the legendary fish wrapped in newspaper. In person, Solicitors can sometimes be identified by their gaze; unless pains are taken to disguise it, a Solicitor’s left eye is always a blazing, poisonous green.

Intimation Arcanos