Casting the Parts Skull with blue fire Skull with blue fire

nce you know what is in your city, it’s time to think about whom. Both mortals and wraiths should be your concern here; neither side is terribly effective without the other. On the Wraith (Shadowlands) side, are there any gang’s or cults in your city that can give the Hierarchy a hard time? Have Spectres infiltrated your Necropolis? Who tends to wander in and out of your Necropolis? What other Necropoli are nearby and do visitors come from them very often? Answering these kind of questions will help. Note: Ferrymen should be used sparingly, if at all; they’re simply too powerful. Deathlords should never be seen and only communication through messenger is recommended. Otherwise your pc’s will feel they can contact their Deathlord anytime they want, not making the Deathlords a source of awe as they should be.

On the Mortal (Skinlands) side, political leaders and ghost-hunters are equally important. Have any Spectre cults been formed or forming in your city? The other supernatural presences in your city, you will want the details on that as well. The local vampire and werewolf populations, and their relations to the Restless, are all important things to have mapped out in advance. Note: It is important to find out what the views of crossovers are in your region. Run-ins with the other venues are inevitable.