Creating Stories Skull with blue fire Skull with blue fire

tory creation can be as simple or as detailed as you want. The more effort you put into preparing a story, the smoother it runs when itís executed. There is no small amount of satisfaction to be gained from writing a successful and appreciated story.

Finding the right combination of stimuli to ignite creative thought can be difficult. For some of us, creativity comes naturally. For others, itís more difficult to bring creative aspects of personality to the fore. However, this is exactly what you must do in order to create a good story. Creativity is not generally taught in school. In fact, itís often discouraged. Rediscovering your childhood enthusiasm is one way to find a wellspring of imagination.

Inspiration can come from any source. Magazines, movies, books, theatre, television, friends, familyÖ you get the picture. The challenge is to take what you see and change it into something all your own. Inspiration can be, quite literally, any stimulus that ignites the process of creative thought. Hence, inspiration is very often as dependent on whatís without as on whatís within. What sends one personís mind racing may bore someone else. You must find the things that inspire you (if you donít already know) and associate with them in order to stroke your creative fires.