Interacting with Cast Members Skull with blue fire Skull with blue fire

our key to interacting with cast members is the minor character known as an NPC. An NPC can be a pre-generated character already woven into the story, or a character created on the spur of the moment to fix a problem. You rarely need to create a character sheet for your NPC; a basic concept is usually enough.

Each character you introduce needs to have an easily identifiable mark so players can recognize which minor character you are playing. A wearable prop, such as a hat, coat, scarf, bandanna, or amulet is usually enough. A distinct speech pattern, like an accent, is at least as useful. Remember that the mark needs to be something that you can put on and take off quickly, since you may end up having to switch between several minor characters in an evening’s story.

Your NPC(s) should be enjoyable to play. During the middle of a story, you may find that you and the Narrators have little to do. You then have a chance to play your bit parts just for fun. Go a little wild. Try to provide some comic relief.