Tempest Lore
Hooded Ghost

empest Lore represents what a character knows about the swirling chaos of the Tempest. This knowledge is primarily possessed by Harbingers, who traverse the Tempest regularly and by Spectres, who call the Tempest their home.

Characters who possess this knowledge past level 3 are probably on their way to becoming an expert Harbinger or heading down the dark road of becoming a spectre.

Tempest Lore x1

Tempest Lore x2

Tempest Lore x3
  • You know all of the major Byways, and many of the minor ones.
  • Has heard of several Realms within the Tempest.
  • Knows the way to one or two of the Far Shores.
  • Has heard of Plasmics.
  • Knows to avoid Miasmas.
  • Knows that smaller Maelstroms, called soul storms, often rage in the Tempest.

Tempest Lore x4 (DST Approval)
  • Can get to many of the Far Shores.
  • Is familiar with several types of Plasmics.
  • Is familiar with Shifting Zones, such as Bedlam and the Lake of Cold Fire.
  • Has heard the "all-inclusive" and "nothing-there-at-all" theories.
  • Has heard of a portal to something called the Umbra.
  • Is aware of the major points of Spectral ambush.

Tempest Lore x5 (RST Approval)
  • Knows that some Spectres can shape the Tempest to their whim, or pull useful things out of the Tempest at random.
  • Knows where the Umbra gateway is.
  • Understands the theories, and may have formed an informed opinion about them.
  • Knows how to deal with most Plasmics.
  • Rarely gets lost.

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