empestos is the power to ride and manipulate the winds of the Maelstroms. Virtually unknown until the Third Maelstrom, this Arcanos has since been refined, and has come into regular use by the Shadow-eaten. Practitioners of this Art are the shock troops of Oblivion, often racing ahead on the first gust of Maelstrom winds to attempt to seize inadequately guarded portals to Citadels. Haints are particularly skilled at this Arcanos, as packs of them roam the Tempest and the Shadowlands, riding squalls and staging hit-and-run attacks.

Use the Stealth Ability for retests with the Tempestos Arcanos.

Innate Abilities

Maelstrom Sense:

The Spectre can forecast the arrival of Maelstroms with particular accuracy.

System: The Spectre makes an Extended Static Mental challenge against a difficulty of 7 traits, which allows the Spectre to forecast the arrival of the next Maelstrom. A follow up Extended Static Mental allows the Spectre to ascertain the direction and duration of the Maelstrom.

Basic Abilities

Storm Seeker:

The Spectre can set himself adrift in the Tempest and allow her natural affinity with the storms of the Underworld to draw her toward a storm front.

System: Storm Seeker requires spending a point of Angst and making a Static Mental Challenge (against a difficulty of 11 traits) in order to allow a Spectre to find a storm to ride. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the Storyteller’s whim and the local conditions of the Tempest. The size of the storm discovered is completely random, as is the Spectre’s eventual destination.

Ride the Nightwind:

This art allows a Spectre to take wing on the breath of a Maelstrom, a behavior that is substantially different from being pushed along by the winds of Oblivion.

System: By spending a point of Angst and making a Static Physical Challenge (against 13 traits) every scene, the Spectre allows himself to fly at up to the speed of the Maelstrom winds – so long as he is moving in the same general direction the storm is. While the Spectre cannot stop moving, he has incredibly precise control over his trajectory, and can make hairpin turns or fly suddenly straight up. If the Spectre wishes to do any kind of sudden moves within the Maelstrom he can enter into a further Static Physical Challenge. The number of successes equals the number of acrobatic stunts. The maximum number of successes allowed on this test is the Maelstrom’s rating x 2.

Intermediate Abilities

Dust Devil:

The Spectre can now call up a minor squall to ride. If necessary, the storm tears open a Nihil on its way to answer the summons.

System: Calling up a storm requires spending tow points of Angst and succeeding in an Extended Static Social test (against a difficulty of 14 traits). The number of successes equals the number of scenes for which the miniature Maelstrom will last. The Maelstrom is always Level 1 severity. The Spectre who whistled up the storm can travel at the speed of the storm winds (50 to 75 mph) but gains no benefits to dodging or flying unless he also uses Ride the Nightwind. A number of other Spectres equal to the number of successes on the original test my also ride the wind via this Arconos, but the storm is too small and weak to carry other Shadow-eaten along in the normal fashion.

Tempest Fury:

The Shadow-eaten may now call on the fury of the Tempest in a limited but devastating fashion. The fraction of power thus summoned can be used as a weapon.

System: By spending a point of Angst and a point of Temporary Being (Spectre Willpower), and succeeding on an Extended Static Physical Challenge (against a difficulty of 14 traits), a Spectre can raise up a blast from the Maelstrom in order to smite a single target. The number of successes indicates the force of the Maelstrom hammering the target for a single turn. For the purposes of targeting the effect, any man-sized object or area can be considered a target. The attack can be used for a variety of effects: to breach gate, to smash relic automobiles or to pound a single wraith into a Harrowing.

Advanced Abilities

Maelstrom Cauldron:

The practitioner of Tempestos may now call upon the full strength of a Maelstrom. By pouring his very soul into the effort, he can summon up a full-strength local Maelstrom from the depths of the Labyrinth – bringing with it all of the concomitant Spectral debris.

System: The difficulty of the task is equal to the level of the Maelstrom + 10 traits. To summon the storm requires the expenditure of a permanent point of Being (Spectre Willpower) and enter into an Extended Static Social Challenge. The art also inflict a level of Corpus damage for each success. There are stories of Spectres literally tearing themselves to shreds in the process of summoning up a storm. The number of successes equals the number of hours the Maelstrom persists. At Storyteller discretion, the process of raising the storm may well drain the Spectre of Angst as well.

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