n their heyday, the Usurers were a Guild of considerable repute and political power. Ever alert for the next opportunity, they cast in their lot with the other Guilds when the Artificers led the coup against Charon. However, as it became clear that the attempt was doomed to failure, the Usurers quickly reversed their position, stranding the forces of the other Guilds without desperately needed resources of Pathos and Corpus. This betrayal, more than any of the others, doomed the revolt.

The Usurers have since had to resort to secrecy to protect themselves, both from zealous Stygian patrols and from vengeful Guild members who resented their “treachery.” Even now, those in need of quick Corpus or Pathos must follow a series of clues on a wild and unorthodox hunt to find a Usurer. If nobody follows the client, and if she seems reliable, the Usurers will see her. Although this tends to restrict business somewhat, the Usurers console themselves by charging higher prices to clients for whom they don’t particularly care.

Usurers tend to speak in precise, numerical terms. All carry some form of scales, allowing them to keep track of the balance of energy transferred.