Restless Lore
Hooded Ghost

estless Lore represents what a character knows about Wraith society. While a low and moderate level of this lore is necessary for Wraiths, the possession of this lore beyond x3 has an increasingly significant effect on your character. The character will not only know more of the true secrets, but also will be increasingly more concerned (paranoid) of events around them, and the consequences of processing this knowledge. Knowledge at these levels is rarely spoken or written for a reason.

Characters who reveal these secrets should know that at these levels they should be careful; remember, the Deathlordsí servants are everywhere. Knowledge of the great secrets is something that can get your character killed. Finally, if you start speaking of these secrets, the average Wraith is likely to consider you obsessed, mad, or something even worse.

x1: Newly Reaped.

x2: Still Mostly Unfamiliar

x3: Broad Familiarity with the Legends.
  • Can name the 13 Guilds and knows the W:TO descriptions;
  • Has a basic understanding of the 13 primary Arcanoi (Argos, Castigate, Embody, Fatalism, Inhabit, Keening, Lifeweb, Moliate, Outrage, Pandemonium, Puppetry, and Usery)--think general overview but not detailed W:TO write-ups;
  • Can identify the markings of these Arcanoi;
  • May have heard rumors about one of the rare guilds and their Arcanoi (Flux, Intimation, Mnemosynis);
  • Knows several of the legends of the Far Shaores or Ferrymen;
  • Has a rough knowledge of major events in Restless History, such as the Maelstroms, Stygia, Breaking of the Guilds;
  • Can recognize names of many major Hierarchs currently active and make a guess as to what Necropolis they live in;
  • knows all of W : TO p. 4-11 as fact.
  • Knows many of the old terms and their meanings;
  • Has heard rumors of the motives of the Ferrymen;
  • May know something about Transcendance;

x4 Knows a Few of the Great Secrets (DST Approval)
  • Can name many Deathlords and many of the major Malfeans-- may know some vague legends about them;
  • Knows many of the legends of the First Days and the Signs of Doomsday;
  • Has a vague understanding of what the Ferrymen are;
  • Knowledge of a few of the Guild secret powers available in the 13 Guild Arcanoi --again think general description not detailed write-ups.
  • Knows the Dictum Mortuum

x5 What the Anarcreons Keep to Themselves (RST Approval)
  • Detailed knowledge of Stygian history (this knowledge will likely be slanted from the Wraith's own faction);
  • Basic knowledge of the Dark Arcanoi
  • Know the legends surrounding the Malfeans
  • Knows many of the common interpretations of the First Times and Signs of Doomesday;
  • Can see the hidden meanings in day-to-day Stygian politics.