Twisted Metal Line
or centuries, the Alchemists studied the energy within objects. Just as the Usurers understood the flow of energy from one being to another, the Alchemists’ experiments centered on the relative strength and weakness of objects. Like their mortal counterparts, the Alchemists tried to understand the components of matter, and thereby learn how best to manipulate it. Of course, this Guild was always in demand by those who wished to obtain relics, as well as those who sought to protect their Artificers, until Charon’s decree disbanded them. At that time, the force of the Dictum Mortuum began to discourage congress with Skinlands even further, and the Alchemists were driven from Stygia.

Alchemists have no identifying Guild marking, but most are compulsive tinkerers or gadgeteers, and will talk incessantly about their work and Arcanos.

Flux Arcanos