Flux Symbol

his art allows a wraith to manipulate and animate objects created by the living, regardless of whether the objects have any true value. Many Alchemists claim that the act of creation has imbued the items with a life of their own, and that this pseudo-vitality is what permits them to give false life to the objects in the first place.

Use the Science Ability for retests with the Flux Arcanos.

***WARNING: This Arcanoi is illegal in the Shadowlands and knowledge of it can get your character killed. You may learn it, just be aware of the dangers this knowledge brings.***

Innate Abilities

Grave Mold:

The wraith may cause spontaneous growth of lichen and mildew in small areas. By repeated use of this ability, the wraith can spread decay throughout a house. The mold does not have any effect upon living matter.

System: A wraith must enter a static Physical Challenge to be able to use this art. A note should be left in the affected area to indicate the art's usage.

Basic Abilities

Altered States:

By means of this art and the expenditure of one point of Pathos, the wraith may either age or strengthen a non-living item. In the case of trying to cause an item to rot or age, the target must be smaller than a computer and weigh less than a hundred pounds. In the case of trying to strengthen an object, the Alchemist alters the structure of the object so that any attempt to damage or break the object will be significantly more difficult, in effect giving the object Physical Traits which can be bid against any attempt to destroy it.

System: Either use of Altered States requires entering into an Extended Static Physical Challenge to determine by how much the wraith can strengthen or weaken the target item.


This art allows a wraith to promote significant decay in man-made objects. With a sufficient number of successes in an Extended Static Physical Challenge, wood crumbles at the lightest touch and iron rusts to the point where it loses all structural integrity. The Alchemists' Guild found this ability very useful in convincing the Quick to avoid areas where they were not wanted. Later modifications - such as using this art on moving vehicles - assured the Alchemists that they had found a certain method of keeping the living at bay. The effects caused by Decay can be impressive, despite the fact that the actual area covered is often only that of a single link of a chain or similarly small component. Like the Altered States ability to rot things, this art is often used in place of Inhabit to bring small objects across the Shroud as Relics.

System: By spending two points of Pathos and entering into an Extended Static Physical Challenge, the wraith can speed up the forces of Entropy on a specific object. The object cannot be larger than a clenched fist, however. Each success on the challenge removes a Trait from the object in question (Narrator discretion for objects that don't have a pre-listed number of Traits), and the effects must be either noted or announced to make sure that all other players are aware of them. An Alchemist can, however, make a Social Challenge if attempting to use Decay with some degree of stealth.

Intermediate Abilities

Puppet Theatre:

This art allows the wraith to animate several small objects at one time, typically several objects of like nature. A wraith might animate a set of dolls from a dollhouse (and the dollhouse as well), or a bowl full of marbles. The collection as a whole is considered to have the same number of Physical Traits individually, and all objects are limited by their nature. A collection of stuffed animals could move about on all fours and even grapple a target, but a collection of pencils could only be used to stab, write, or erase.

System: Using Puppet Theatre requires an Extended Static Mental Challenge. The wraith cannot animate more objects than he has Mental Traits; each success on the Extended Challenge will allow him to add one more item to the dance. This art can be used on both sides of the Shroud, and costs two Pathos.

Advanced Abilities


This art allows a wraith to literally build a body from objects in her vicinity. The body can be made from debris in a junk yard, from sheaves of paper, or virtually any other object created by humans. The body has the same Physical Traits as the wraith, but is still limited by the laws of physics. A body comprised entirely of tissue paper does not stand up against torrential rainfalls very well, and is likely to be thrown about by strong breezes. The automation created by use of this art is capable of sight, touch, and even speech.

System: The wraith must enter into a Static Physical Challenge and spend three points of Pathos, plus one Willpower Trait. She will also receive two Temporary Angst points in order to create her Automation. Only one test is needed to create the Automation. The assembled body lasts for a scene, or until the Alchemist decides to release her grip. Furthermore, any Physical Traits lost while the wraith is controlling her Automation are not lost by the wraith herself. A wraith controlling an Automation should hold up a card with the name of the art to indicate what she is doing. The composition of the Automation should be determined by a Narrator, or, failing that, consensus of players.

Alchemists Guild: Flux Arcanos

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