he proud Artificers claimed to be not only the richest of the Guilds, but also the eldest. Nhudri himself, the Artificers say, created their Guild in order to train helpers for his forge. The practitioners of other Arcanoi quickly recognized the assets of such organization, and followed the Artificers in forming their own Guilds.

Although many ex-Artificers are still employed as soulforgers, it is illegal to use or teach Inhabit in many places. While soulforging is a vital part of the Stygian economy, those Artificers who know only Inhabit's secrets dwell in squalor a far cry from the glory of the first Guild.

Most Artificers are charred or marked with reddish patches from their work at the soulforgers. Younger Artificers specializing in computer-based arts have charred traceries of circuit-board patterns instead.

Inhabit Arcanos