Inhabit Symbol

raiths skilled in Inhabit are masters of the inanimate. They can infuse their very essence into an inanimate object, in time even learning how to animate their "home." If an object is destroyed while a wraith occupies it, the item immediately becomes a relic. Masters of Inhabit can even imbue an object with their own Arcanoi, gradually pouring Corpus and Willpower Traits into the item to create a form of inexpensive yet powerful Artifact. There are some advantages to attuning Inhabit to a specific object. By preparing an inanimate Consort, a wraith can exert more control over its functions when Inhabiting it. Wraiths must spend Willpower Traits while Shellriding an object to attune it.

Use the Repair Ability for retests with the Inhabit Arcanos.

Innate Abilities

Sense Gremlin:

"Gremlin" is a slang term for wraiths who possess machines. A wraith may carefully examine an object with this ability, determining if any wraiths are currently in residence.

System: The player only needs to get one success in a Static Mental Challenge in order to determine whether or not a machine is Inhabited. More successes through an Extended Static Mental Challenge are useful for determining the Shellriding entity's nature (or numbers). With three or more successful challenges, the wraith can even tell if a machine has been recently Inhabited (assuming a Narrator is present to verify this).


The wraith may slide his Corpus without harm into a machine or object, hiding there from other wraiths. He has no control over the object, only remaining within until he chooses to leave.

System: The wraith makes a Static Physical Challenge to slip safely into an object. While there, he can be only detected by Sense Gremlin. However, if the host object is destroyed, the wraith immediately takes a Corpus Level of damage and is forced out. Multiple wraiths can Shellride the same device, assuming it is large enough. If Sense Gremlin is not used, a wraith Shellriding is considered to be invisible to both Skinlands and Shadowlands observers. While using this basic ability, a Shellriding wraith must hold up a Shellride card.


By passing his hand through an electronic device, the wraith may cause a temporary short, briefly cutting its power. This disruption of the electron flow can actually damage computers and other delicate instruments, especially those without surge protectors.

System: The wraith makes a Static Mental Challenge in order to short the device in question. In the case the wraith wants to short more than one device, an Extended Mental Challenge is needed. Every success allows the wraith to send a surge through to another machine. Skinlands residents won't notice the wraith, just machines shutting down.

Basic Abilities

Lightning's Bite:

This art allows an Artificer to imbue a Skinlands object or a relic with a static electrical charge. The jolt does no damage to anyone touching the charged object, but unless he succeeds at a Static Physical Challenge, the person will drop the item immediately and make an appropriate amount of noise.

System: To use the Lightning's Bite, and Artificer makes an Extended Static Mental Challenge and specifies the item he wants to charge. Each success gives another shock in the system, as it were. The item so charged should be marked as such. Wraiths succeeding on a Mental Static Challenge will be able to detect a haze of blue lines around an object ready to Bite, though they may not know what the lines symbolize.


The wraith may possess and control machines. True control comes only with attunement. Spur-of-the-moment Gremlinization allows only minor, clumsy effects, such as turning a machine on or off.

System: The wraith must spend two Pathos to Inhabit a machine, plus one Pathos per effect evoked. Again, the Shellride card must be held up, and any effect desired must be narrated to the room at large.

Intermediate Abilities


The wraith may Shellride an object and possess it as her own body for a scene. Her senses are unaffected, save that they are spread out over the entire object she is Claiming. For example, a wraith Claiming a car can see, hear, and feel everything happening to it, within it and around it. She may even exert some control over the host object while Claiming it.

System: The wraith spends three Pathos points and enters into an Extended Static Physical Challenge, with the number of successes determining the maximum size of the object that may be Claimed. She needs only one success to possess a book but five to Claim a house. A wraith may exert some control over her host object while Shellriding (turning pages, locking windows, etc.). The exact extent of her control depends on whether or not she is attuned to the object and how many extra successes she scored on the roll above and beyond those needed to take control of the object. If the object is destroyed while Claimed, the wraith may spend one Willpower Trait to bring it across the Shroud as a relic. Each individual item must be successfully claimed. A wraith who is using Claim must hold up her Shellride card while engaged in Claiming. In addition, if she is forcing the object to act in any way, she must narrate the effects she is causing. Others, even other wraiths, will not see the wraith, only the effects she creates.

Advanced Abilities


Wraiths with this art can create a form of inexpensive Artifact by placing one of their Arcanos arts into a relic. Other wraiths thereby are able to use the art by activating the relic. The relic usually must be appropriate to the Arcanos involved; a calculator makes a far superior vessel for Usury than an umbrella, for instance.

System: First the wraith spends two Willpower Traits and makes an Extended Static Mental Challenge. Like other Inhabit arts, the difficulty equals the local Shroud rating; most Artificers Empower relics in the safety of their Haunts. Next the wraith activates the appropriate Arcanos art while focusing on the relic. The wraith makes the roll and pays the appropriate cost, although no obvious effect results. If successful in this roll, the wraith imbues the relic with the Arcanos. Next, he fuels the relic with the necessary Pathos points to fuel the Empower art (up to as many points as the number of successes on the Empower roll). He then chooses whatever command activates the relic (a phrase, gesture, whistled note, etc.), and seals it with a Willpower Trait. The result is a minor Artifact. Anyone who uses the activation command and spends the appropriate cost for the art (Pathos, Willpower, or Angst gain) may use the Arcanos sealed within, expending one of the stored Pathos points. When the invested Pathos (excluding the three used to seal the relic) are expended, the relic becomes "normal" once again. Empowered items cannot be "recharged," only Empowered a second time. There is no known way to create a permanent Artifact with this art. It is suggested that this art only be performed in front of a Narrator, and that each Artifact created in this manner be identified as such.

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