Advocates – (Old Form) Powerful wraiths of a Heretic cult dedicated to recruiting souls for a realm in the Far Shores. They are persecuted and hunted by the Hierarchy.

Adjustor – Administrative title given to wraiths who supervise groups of clerks within the Hierarchy and who serve on the staff of higher-ranking officials.

Agency, The – (Old Form) Nickname for the bureaucracy of the Hierarchy.

Aleph – Leader of the Augur Oracles, first letter of the Hebraic alphabet.

Angelics – In the Tempest, plasmic entities that seem like the classic idea of angels; they are usually benign.

Angst – The power of the Shadow.

Annals of the Dead – A massive collection of records stored in the Great Library of Stygia, which chronicles the history of the Hierarchy.

Annihilation – The Doomsayer practice of throwing soulforged objects into a Nihil.

Arcanos – One of the supernatural abilities that wraiths possess, allowing them to affect the living and dead.

Arcanum, The – A dangerous group of occult investigators and hunters.

Arisen, The – (Old Form) Those who have passed on to Transcendence.

Artifact – An object that has been altered to give it special powers.

Ass-In-The-Hole – Derogatory term for a Clairvoyant or a Gambler without a deck of cards; ref. not having an "ace in the hole".

Augur – An Oracle who predicts via reading patterns in splattered plasm.


Barrow-flame – A cold flame that burns wraiths like a normal fire would burn the living.

Blade-Boy/Blade-Girl – Slang term for Augur hopefuls.

Blades of Jade/Jade Blade – An Augur who follows Eastern traditions.

Blind-Eyes – Wraiths who have no Oracle Sight.

Body Snatcher – (Slang) A wraith that possesses the living.

Boo Job – (Slang) Any attempt to scare off the living.

Boojum – (Slang) A generic word used to describe hostile creatures and/or Tempest dwellers.

Brain Sucker– (Slang) A wraith who uses Phantasm or the lesser Puppetry powers.

Byways– Semi-permanent paths, roads, rails and rivers that run through the Tempest and connect the inner realms. Utilizing byways is the safest method of crossing the Tempest.


Catharsis– When the Shadow has enough Angst to dominate the wraith. If this happens, the Shadow controls all the wraiths actions.

Caul– An ectoplasmic covering that shields a wraith during her larval period. In some ways, it protects her, but it also warps her perceptions until it is removed.

Chancellor– Administrative assistant to the Anacreon of a Citadel; the civilian equivalent of an Overlord.

Channels– Liquid Byways. Technically, they are no different from normal Byways.

Charon– The founder of the Hierarchy. Charon has been missing for decades.

Circle– Any group of wraiths.

Citadel– An individual stronghold within a Necropolis.

Channels– Liquid byways. Technically, they are no different from normal byways.

Clairvoyant – An Oracle who predicts via any number of pagan modalities.

Clairvoyants – Leaders of the Clairvoyant Oracles - Dama D'onore (female) and La Guardia (male).

Clear Sight – The ability to scry the future perfectly with no ability to change it.

Clerk – The title given to the lowest ranks of the Hierarchy’s administrative wing; roughly equivalent to the position of Legionnaire.

Cohort – A Circle of Hierarchy wraiths. The traditional starting number is 10 but attrition and Transcendence takes its toll.

Consort – (Old Form) The host possessed by a Puppeteer.

Corpus– The spirit body of a wraith.

Creepshow– (Slang) The Tempest.

Cult – Any of hundreds of Heretic sects espousing a particular path to Transcendence.


Darklight – An Artifact produced by the Soul-Pirates of the Far Shores. It provides illumination without calling attention to them by shining within the darkness of the open sea.

Dark Umbra– Another term for the Underworld, used mostly by Garou and mages.

Dealer – Leader of the Gambler Oracles.

Deathlord– One of the seven leaders of the Hierarchy.

Deliriums– In the Tempest, plasmic entities (creatures) that resemble bizarre and unusual near-animals (lion-headed snakes, for example).

Delphic – An Oracle who predicts via hallucinations.

Demonics– In the Tempest, plasmic entities that seem like the classic idea of demons; they are usually inclined to be evil.

Destruction Harrowings– Harrowings that have no quarry or target (such as a Fetter or Passion), but try to directly consume the wraith with Oblivion.

Dictum Mortuum– Charon's decree forbidding trafficking with mortals.

Domain – A large territory held by a wraith or group of allied wraiths.

Doomsayer – An Oracle who predicts only negative outcomes.

Doomsday – When Oblivion shall overcome all of reality, and the end of time will come – or, alternatively, when the dead will walk the Earth.

Doomslayer – A wraith who specializes in hunting Spectres.

Doomshade– (Slang) A spectre.

Dopplgangers– Strong, somewhat-independent Spectres who retain their Fetters and Passions. They are the favorite servants of Malfeans. These Spectres are newly turned and can pass for a wraith, the corruption of Oblivion has not yet begun to manifest through their corpus.

Dothead– (Slang) A wraith that was a hanger-on in life, following fickle fashion and fads without real contribution.

Do the Delphi – Expression referring to vague prophecy, especially when done deliberately.

Drone– A wraith that has lost its sentience and identity.


Eidolon– (Old Form) The higher, more enlightened aspect of a personality.

Enfant – A recently deceased wraith. An Enfant is partially amnesiac, and a Caul covers his face, altering his perceptions of whatever he encounters.

En-lil – An ancient seer who would scry using animal sacrifices to the gods.

Enochian – Angelic alphabet used by certain occultists; ref. Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly.

Euthanatos– Mages who study entropy and who are often filled with a great deal of death energy.


Far Shores, The– The distant realms in the Tempest, often corresponding to mortal beliefs about the afterlife.

Ferrymen– Wraiths who travel throughout the Tempest. They will take on passengers for a price.

Fetters– The ties that bind a wraith to her old life and the living world. They can be people, places or things.

Flesh Freak– (Slang) Derogatory term for a Skinrider.

Fog, The– A mental condition which settles on the minds of humans who are not prepared to accept the existence of wraiths, causing them to rationalize away anything supernatural they might have seen.

Freewraith– A wraith who is not actively serving in the military.

Fulguriatores – Ancient Oracles who read weather patterns for prediction.


Gambler – An Oracle who predicts via numerically derived probability measurements.

Gang– A circle of Renegade wraiths.

Grimas – Stregherian term for "male", or "High Priest".

Guild– In times past, an organization that taught a particular Arcanos to its members. Charon disbanded the Guilds.


Harrowing, The– The nightmare ride through the Tempest that periodically torments his existence and occasionally overcomes him.

Haruspices – Ancient Oracles who used animal sacrifices for prediction.

Harvest– To gather the newly deceased, either as Reaper and mentor or as slave trader.

Haunt– A place in the Shadowlands where death has a presence and wraiths are more at home.

Hell – Any of countless realms claiming to be the original, real, honest-to-goodness, actual Hell – there are so many that they are known collectively as the Thousand Hells, or simply “the Thousand”.

Hellbound, The– (Slang) Nickname for a wraith thought to be well on his way to domination by his Shadow.

Heretics– Those who believe that yet another, better afterlife awaits wraiths that Transcend their current wretched state.

Hidden Ones– Displaced or dispossessed wraiths that have nowhere else to go. They form communities along the banks of the River of Death in the Tempest.

Hierarchy, The– The largest organization of wraiths in the Underworld. The Hierarchy was originally formed by Charon to assist wraiths in attaining Transcendence. Over the centuries, however, it has become corrupt and twisted.

Host– A person possessed during Puppetry.


Imprimatur – A little-known appendix to the Soulbook of the Legions, this volume’s title is Latin for “let it be printed;” in the Skinlands this was the mark of official approval for publication by the Church of Rome. In the Underworld, it is a court order of perpetual imprisonment.

Inspector– The title given to those who administrate a given area around a Citadel; the civilian equivalent of a Marshal.

Isle of Sorrows – The rocky island at the delta of the River of Death. Stygia is built on it.

Itinera Mortis– The name originally given to the network of roads connecting Stygia with the Shadowlands (literally, the roads of death).


Juice– (Slang) Pathos.


Labyrinth– The horribly winding passages, tunnels and stairs, which lead to Oblivion at the heart of the Underworld.

Lady/Our Lady/The Lady – Affectionate contraction for the Lady of Fate.

Lake of Cold Fire – In the Tempest, a shifting zone that tests a wraith’s Passions.

Land of Bedlam – In the Tempest, a shifting zone where the resident wraith’s insanities are given physical form.

Legacy – (Old Form) A Fetter with powerful personal ties to a Restless soul.

Legate – A Legionnaire, usually a Centurion or higher rank, who serves as a special emissary or messenger.

Legendaries – In the Tempest, plasmic entities that resemble legendary creatures like unicorns or dragons.

Legions – The army, police and enforcement arm of the Hierarchy.

Lemure – A young wraith, only recently deceased.

Lost Souls – Souls who have never had their cauls removed or who remove their own; they wander the Tempest.


Maelstrom – Terrifying storms that occasionally envelop the Shadowlands; they are to the Tempest what Jupiter’s Red Spot is to an earthly hurricane.

Magister – A high-ranking official in charge of a specialized department or office within the Hierarchy. The Magister of the Library oversees the archives within the Great Library of Stygia and serves as the Keeper of the Soulbook.

Magisterium Veritatis – The Council of Inquisitors formed by Charon to root out Heretics in Stygia (literally the Magistry of Truth).

Malfean – An Elder spectre or beast of the Void.

Mask – A Stygian artifact worn by many wraiths in order to conceal the true self.

Meat – (Slang) Mortal flesh.

Meat-Chains – (Slang) The human body (which ties down the spirit).

Miasma – In the Tempest, a shifting zone that plays havoc with a wraith’s memories.

Midnight Express, The – A relic train that travels from east to west. It metaphysically makes a stop to all access stations in a given timezone through varying cars. It arrives at these stops at exactly midnight, local time, and departs at exactly 12:03am, local time.

Minister – The title given to wraiths that supervise the Inspectors within the perimeter areas of a Citadel; the civilian equivalent of a Regent.

Mitty – (Slang) A wannabe who never was – wraiths who never fulfilled their dreams while living.

Molemen – (Slang) Derogatory term for those who claim to have experienced the “tunnel of light.”

Monastics – Groups of wraiths that reside along the River of Death. They usually practice one religion and are not as likely to kidnap wraiths to “convert” them, as are Heretics associated with the Far Shores.

Mouri – Derogatory term for a Doomsayer; ref. similarities to Mourners.


Necropolis – A city of the dead. Necropoli reflect the cities of the living and occupy the same “geographical” location.

Necropolis Ports – Openings to various Necropoli that afford wraiths an easier path to travel to and from them.

Nephandi – 1. Mages who have turned to Oblivion. 2. Corrupted mages who serve demonic masters called Malfeans. They may or may not be the Wraith Malfeans.

Nephwracks – Dopplegangers who have been twisted and devolved by the powers of Oblivion to such an extent that they can no longer pass for normal wraiths.

Nightmare Ride – (Slang) Another name for a Harrowing; occasionally used to describe a particularly extended Harrowing.

Nihils – Pits in the Shadowlands that lead into the Underworld, usually dumping the wraith straight into the Tempest.


Oblivion – The negation of all things. Like total entropy, Oblivion, in its purest form, is an ordered state. The Void is its physical manifestation (or lack thereof).

Obolus – The Underworld’s basic unit currency, forged from the souls of the dead.

Ocean of Acid – A Shifting Zone, which harms wraiths who are caught in it.

Onyx Tower, The – (Old Form) Charon’s palace; also used to describe the goal of becoming one of Charon’s servants.


Pathos – Emotion; the “food” of the spirit world.

Phantasies – Plasmic entities who resemble normal animals. Sometimes known as “road kill.”

Pirates – Groups of wraiths that waylay others in the Tempest and rob them of their material (plasmic) goods.

Plasm – Any ectoplasmic substance; the spiritual stuff that makes up wraiths and their belongings alike.

Plasmic Entities – Creatures made of plasm who inhabit the Tempest. They are not Malfeans or wraiths.

Pool of Bittersweet Rememberance – A Shifting Zone in which wraiths may remember some heretofore forgotten piece from their past.

Projectors – Living travelers in the Shadowlands.

Prophet – Leader of the Doomsayers.

Pythian – A Delphic Oracle with active and accurate Sight while scrying.


Quick, The – Another term for the living.

Quagmire – Shifting Zone in which wraiths can become trapped.

Quarry – The object of a Harrowing; a Passion or Fetter.


Reaper – The wraith that first removes the Caul from an Enfant.

Relic – An ectoplasmic object brought by a wraith from the living lands.

Renegades – Wraiths who have banded together to overthrow the Hierarchy. Their individual motivations vary.

Restless, The – Another term for wraiths in general.

Risen, The – A wraith who has found a way to reanimate her corpse.

River of Death – The main byway through the Tempest.


Sargasso Sea – Shifting Zone in which wraiths may become mired.

Sargasso Spectres – The Spectres who inhabit the Sargasso Sea and attack the wraiths caught in it.

Scrooger – (Slang) A wraith that uses Phantasm frequently.

Sea of Broken Glass – Shifting Zone in which Stygian metal dross is suspended, it causes injury to wraiths who pass through.

Sea of Shadows – Name sometimes used to describe the Tempest; in actuality, the Sea of Spectres that surrounds the Labyrinth.

Sea of Souls – The sea and seawall made up of Moliated and bound thralls that surrounds Stygia and affords it some protection from Maelstroms.

Shadow, The – The darker half of a wraith’s personality. It must be mastered before the wraith can Transcend; conversely, it may eventually gain mastery over the wraith, forcing her to embrace Oblivion.

Shadowlands – The aspect of the Earth inhabited by wraiths. From here, wraiths can (with some difficulty) interact with the living or meet with Awakened creatures. The Shadowlands form an outer “shell” over the rest of the underworld.

Shard Spectres – Specters who inhabit the Sea of Broken Glass. They have shards of Stygian steel imbedded in their bodies.

Shifting Zone – Areas within the Tempest that may appear randomly and almost with out notice.

Sight – Any of the Oracular abilites to see into the possible future.

Signbearers – Seconds-in-command of Doomsayer cultists.

Skinlands – The physical world in which mortals reside; therefore, “Skinlanders” are the Quick.

Slumber, The – The sleep cycle of wraiths.

Sofit – The altered symbol used for a Hebrew letter when it is written at the end of a word.

Soulbook of the Legions – A Stygian Artifact, this encyclopedic collection houses the captive and preserved memories of Hierarchy wraiths who have witnessed significant event in Stygian history.

Soul-Pirates – Slavers who capture wraiths to use as thralls. They work only for the Far Shores.

Soul-Storms – Smaller Maelstroms that can twist a wraith’s body or mind.

Spectre – A wraith whose Shadow has become dominant.

Stormrunning – Traveling in the Tempest.

Strand (of the Web) – One possible outcome of the future.

Streghs – Clairvoyants who follow the Stregherian belief of creating one's own destiny.

Stygia – The largest realm in the Underworld. It is the home of the Hierarchy.

Stygian Steel – Metal which has been crafted from the smelted souls of wraiths and alloyed to ore mined from the Venous Stair (a portion of the Labyrinth). It is infused with the cold of Oblivion. Also known as darksteel.

Sundering, The – When the living and the dead were separated from each other by the formation of the Shroud.

Sunless Sea – Name sometimes used to describe the Tempest; in actuality, a vast sea lying between Stygia and the Far Shores.


Tag – Using Arcanos on other wraiths for practice or for nonlethal duels.

Target Harrowings – Harrowings which have a target or quarry (a passion or fetter). Rather than directly attacking the wraith, these Harrowings try to destroy their quarry in order to weaken the wraith.

Tempest, The – The eternally raging storm of the Underworld – it hinders passage between the inner realms and the Shadowlands, and collects the nightmares and memories of those who pass through it.

Tempest Fugit – Shifting Zone in which time is greatly speeded up.

Terminals – Small, rundown realms in the middle of the Tempest that serve as way stations for those traveling to Stygia. Terminals are grim, Kafkaesque places where Ferrymen rest and unruly passengers are sometimes abandoned.

Thrall – A wraith in subjugation to another of its kind.

Tithe – The amount of Pathos due a wraith from a Fetter or a haunt.

Transcend – To leave the Underworld completely and move on to whatever awaits beyond.

Trusks – Clairvoyants who follow the Etruscan belief of preordained destiny.


Unblinking Eyes – Slang term for Oracles; occasionally confused with Monitors and Mnemoi.

Underworld, The – The land of the dead. It includes the Shadowlands, the Tempest, the Void, and all the realms therein.


Veinous Stair, The – The passage from the heart of Stygia to the Labyrinth.

Ventricle – Derogatory term for an Augur; ref. Auricle intead of Oracle.

Void, The – The nothingness at the heart of the Tempest.


Web/Life Web – The conceptual representation of all possible futures.

Wraith – A spirit who has died but remains attached to the living world. Wraiths are also known as ghosts or “the Restless”.

Weeping Bay – The half moon shaped bay where Charon was lost. It serves as the Port of Stygia.

Whisp – Matter composed of evaporated souls.

Wyrds - Plasmic entities who look like weird, alien creatures and have radically different though process.